The Warriors get a reality check on a potential Kevin Durant deal

Kevin Durant

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Kevin Durant (right), when he was a member of the Golden State Warriors.

for every ESPN Insider Adrian Wojnarowski, the NBA Finals twice in the NBA Finals, most valuable player Kevin Durant has officially requested a deal from the Brooklyn Nets. After only one win in the playoff series and no appearance in the Eastern Conference Finals, what was at one point discontinued as the potential next great dynasty in the NBA. Durant’s order comes on the third anniversary of his and Kyrie Irving’s decision to join the Nets as free agents in 2019. But after a tumultuous 2022 season in Brooklyn, the 12-time All-Star decided to move on.

As one of the best players in the NBA, expect multiple teams to be on Durant’s doorstep in hopes of landing him. After all, any team he chooses to join will surely become a title contender. but, Jake L. Fisher of the “Bleacher Report” says: That the Golden State Warriors aren’t a landing spot for the Nets star in a potential deal, shutting down any chances of meeting co-star Steve Curry.

“Across the league, identify a potential business partner, pick the best under-30 player, and see where Durant’s bid should start. Anthony Davis New Orleans Package real estate From Los Angeles in 2019 will be the closest standard in recent memory,” Fisher writes.

“The only team that NBA sources familiar with the situation have indicated isn’t a concrete option for Durant is Golden State. And the Warriors likely don’t have a bunch of winable pieces right now that would catch Brooklyn’s interest anyway.”

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Draymond Green looks off upon Durant’s departure

After winning only two NBA titles in his Golden State career, most Warriors fans expected Durant to re-sign with the long-term franchise when he became a free agent in 2019. But after tearing his Achilles to the NBA Finals that year, he opted to join to nets that summer. Warriors star Draymond Green described Durant’s choice to join the net as a “slap in the face.”

“There are always things that you want to prove. In the end, when Kevin came in here, the main person who has to sign this off is Steve. So, to open your door, to open your arms and accept someone with open arms, which is great and short-lived, it’s a slap on the the face , ” Green said to Vincent Goodwill From Yahoo Sports.

“Not necessarily a slap in the face, when someone chooses to do something else. But a slap in the face is like, I opened my house for you. I brought you into this. I made you a part of this. I wanted you to be a part of this so we can’t do that anymore.” Then when you want to do something else. No hard feelings, no bad intent, I want you to do something great no matter what. It’s brotherhood.”

Embiid push Sixers to trade for Durant

The Philadelphia 76ers also emerged as a competitor to the Black Horses to land Durant in a potentially successful trade. Jason Dumas from “Bleacher Report” He notes that while KD’s interest in the Sixers is unknown, their star position Joel Embiid is pushing them to make a deal for the All-Star striker.

“It is unclear if Kevin Durant is interested in joining Team 76, but Joel Embiid has made it clear to management that he wants them to exhaust every option in trying to acquire Durant,” Dumas wrote on Twitter on June 29.

It looks like Durant may be on his way out of Brooklyn soon. And you can bet the Nets will try to get the best possible return for one of the league’s brightest stars.

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