WR Jerry Jeudy Ben Broncos Under Heavy Pressure: Analyst

George Patton

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Broncos General Manager George Patton addresses the media in 2022.

The AFC West appears to be a divisional challenge, and the Denver Broncos are ready to fight it through with quarterback Russell Wilson.

George Patton, Broncos general manager, took over in 2021 and renewed the franchise with quality players, young and old.

With the list of winners now, there will be eyes on some players whose careers may be on hold if they don’t perform well in 2022.

The writer highlights 3 veterans

Mike Evans from Mile High Huddle wrote an article On the three veterans who will be tested “under heavy pressure” for next season. It put quarterback Malik Reed, in the first round of 2020, wide receiver Jerry Goody and wide receiver Terry Cleveland in that category.

Reed has shown productivity since signing with the Broncos as a non-certified free agent in 2019. As a rookie, Reed has had eight starts and posted 27 co-interventions and two bags. In 2020, the Broncos drove in sacks (8.0) and received 33 push-ups. Last season saw a lot of playing time due to the injury and departure of Von Miller and the injury of Bradley Chubb. Red grabbed five bags, too Led Broncos In Pressures (22).

However, Evans believes the addition of Randy Gregory and second-round draft pick Nick Bonetto could force a back seat to Reed’s playing time.

“After signing Gregory, Button didn’t finish reloading the accelerating center back, drafting Nick Bonetto in the second round and moving Baron Browning from inside to outside back,” Evans wrote. “Reed is a new defensive player and coordinator that Ejero Eveiro can rely on. Reed understands his duties and plays at a consistent level. Unless the injury Grim Reaper returns, Reed will be in a fierce battle for playing time.”

Cleveland and Judy’s positions are somewhat different. Cleveland was named in the 2020 seventh inning and used primarily as a special player in 2021. Jody, who was drafted into 15th in 2020, did not live up to his expectations as he missed seven games in 2021 with an ankle injury and a significant COVID-19. He earned 90 receptions and 1,323 yards in his first two seasons and didn’t score a touchdown last season.

But it is all in the past now. With Wilson in the fold, Jodi is delighted that the 33-year-old midfielder will lead the team moving forward.

“Every detail matters to him,” Jody said at his youth soccer camp, Via ABC 7 Denver’s Troy Renck. “You learn a lot, just how hard he works and how focused he is when he’s on the court and on the board. You realize how trapped he is. I learned a lot. He is a great midfielder. I’m excited to play with him.”

A pivotal year for Judy

Jody is currently No. 2 wide on the depth chart with Cortland Sutton ahead and Tim Patrick, KJ Humler and Cleveland behind. Harris doesn’t think there is any chance Jodi won’t be with the Broncos for the 2022 season.

However, Harris added that “the seat can be a bit snug because the Broncos didn’t see the expected production of the former No. 15 pick overall.”

The Broncos haven’t seen the same Jodi who scored 24 touchdowns over his last two seasons with Alabama. Fortunately for Jody, the inconsistent midfield play of Broncos Drew Lock and Teddy Bridgewater won’t be evident with Wilson.

The 33-year-old is the only quarterback to have a passer rating of over 100 in each of the past four seasons, According to the NFL on CBS.


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