Knicks Star RJ Barrett Responds To His Teammate’s Newly Made Deal

RJ Barrett


RJ Barrett.

The New York Knicks have been busy this season as they hit it off by bringing in Jalen Bronson.

Bronson signed a four-year deal worth over $100 million, effectively cementing the point guard for the foreseeable future. While he’s dominated a lot of the headlines so far, Knicks has made some other significant moves.

Perhaps the biggest move out of Bronson was the resignation of Mitchell Robinson. It was expected that a Knicks newbie would test his free agency, and it was attract some attention From inside the conference. Eventually he decided to return to New York on a four-year deal worth $60 million.

As soon as news of the signing spread, Robinson’s teammate RJ Barrett, someone whose salary is soon to be paid, immediately congratulated the center with his new deal.

Barrett’s strong handshake

Barrett, in response to Adrian Wojnarowski’s Tweet From the news, he simply said “Money mitch” in congratulating his teammate on his new contract.

The previous second-round pick was getting a raise no matter what he was getting out of a $1.6 million deal last season, and this was Just a little What was expected.

If Barrett signs the five-year extension, these two will be together in New York for the long haul as they help bring the Knicks back into a rival.

The team was only removed one year from the playoffs, with a home stadium at the time, so a return to the playoffs is definitely possible.

Bronson’s entry into the starting line-up with Barrett, Robinson, Julius Randle and Evan Fournier looks good on paper, but Knicks fans know things aren’t always quite as they seem.

Randle’s trades have been explored, but it doesn’t look likely to be moved in the off-season, especially with the trade market now saturated with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.

“I don’t think they came close to anything we could call negotiation, but in the weeks leading up to the draft they were calling out all these contracts we’ve been talking about since last summer,” Athletic player Fred Katz said. He said on the ‘Callin’ Shots’ podcast.. “I know they’ve talked to other teams about Randle, but I think Randle’s topic is way more informal.”

Barrett is ready to extend

In what can only be considered a strange statistic, the last time the Knicks had a first-round pick on an extension was in 1999, and Barrett was on the verge of breaking that streak. Whether it gets the full maximum extension So did Zion Williamson It remains to be seen, but an anonymous NBA executive doesn’t count on him.

“It’s overrated if it’s set to the maximum,” said CEO Shaun Daveney of “He’s not going to get to the limit, the question is, is he going to fight for it? It’s $180 million over five years. You probably won’t get that. But that would be a stepping stone for his team and it’s a question of how low the Knicks can get them to go. $150 million is too much.DeMar DeRozan makes $26 million a year, maybe that’s the ballpark, five years and $120-130 million. He’s shown great flashes and great stretches but has to be more consistent, he has to be a shooter Better to be the first choice.”

Barrett has improved in every season he’s been in the league, but he has a long way to go before he can be mentioned at the same time as someone like Ja Morant or Williamson, both of whom have been All-Star Games picks in their careers.

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