Things We Wish We Knew Before We Started Behind the Frame: Best Scene

Behind The Frame - art studio. woman with sketchbook at window. easel and green landscape painting

Paint puzzle game Behind the frame: the most beautiful scenery She takes you into the world of a painter who is a piece for a gallery as she watches her artist neighbor and his hilarious cat. The game was updated in June 2022 along with its release on Switch and PS4 to feature a new chapter in its story, giving a new angle to the tale.

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While it owes its art to the anime (and French film Amélie), the gameplay behind the frame takes the lead from point-and-click games, and the assumption that players will be able to take the next step as it presents itself. Classically, this isn’t always the case, and you may find yourself stuck on what to do next to advance the story and need a hint.

Take in the view

Explore your surroundings with a vigilant eye, like Even things that you miss or think are unimportant at first, like paintings on the walls, may become necessary to progress further. A good place to start is the fact that the painter is enjoying her morning routine.

You may also get stuck by the fact that the game’s story progresses according to the next color it needs on its color palette. Once you have done as much of the existing colors as possible, you won’t be able to continue drawing, like this Use the notes gained in the sketchbook as a guide for the next important item. If something is underlined, it is likely to be significant.

Avatar is the key

The game creates a language of symbols and colors that match, and if you are stuck in the puzzles of the later game, remember that The things you collected all along will hint at the answerEven if they are not one-to-one.

The icons you’ve seen and the cropped locations before may not be exactly in the same place, but Stripping it down for use in other solutions is how you’re going to complete the game. Plus, if you’re playing the game on Steam, exploring and motivating objects that pop up multiple times with your mouse is key to unlocking achievements.

be dirty

Don’t worry too much about the quality of your painting, unless you’ve been playing the artist since then If you cover most of the area loosely with brush or pencil, the game will fill in the rest.

Also, paint drops that appear on the canvas are cosmetic and do not affect the outcome of the game. However, the drawing mechanic works on a plate inside the base of the linesso if you use the wrong color according to the story, or the right color in the wrong place, you will find out.

be the artist

You may find creating your own notes and drawings for the game helpfulCreate your own artist sketchbook to make solving subsequent puzzles less of a chore or a memory game.

There specifically A couple of puzzles in the later main levels which will be easier if you have a pencil and paper handy, instead of A required back and forth that you had to do if you didn’t have a sharp visual memory.

Enjoy the next chapter

To get to another chapter of the story of Behind The Frame You must first finish the main story. At the end of the main game there is a section that leads to a name signature on the outside wall of the apartment.

When you return to the main menu, Clicking on this newly signed name on the wall will take you to a new section In the story of the two illustrators, and one of them puts an angular reflection on the game’s main perspective.

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