Elden Ring Legend Let Me Solo Denies Retirement, Claims To Have Beat Malinia 2,000 Times

malenia elden ring

It seems that Elden Ring legend Let Me Solo Her has never stopped beating Malenia despite rumors of a possible retirement from the game. Let Me Solo Her has now defeated this pesky boss over 2,000 times by their own admission. Let Me Solo Her became a sensation in the Elden Ring community shortly after the game was released on February 25, 2022. Let Me Solo Her took over the world after they dedicated themselves to beating the most powerful boss in the game on other players while wearing absolutely…

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Top 10 PvE Submachine Guns, Ranked

Destiny 2 Osteo Striga Exotic

Playing as hard as possible can be one of the most fun ways to play Fate 2. Weapons like shotguns and submachine guns take full advantage of this gameplay, and deal large amounts of damage at short ranges. RELATED: Destiny 2: Best Automatic Rifles, Ranked While guns are great when you have enough ammo, you’ll still need to rely on your primary weapon to deal with hordes of enemies. Fortunately, Destiny 2 has a large selection of SMGs to choose from that will suit any playing style. If you want…

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Top 10 Standard decks for BO1 – MTG Arena

Thundering Raiju by Xavier Ribera and Tainted Adversary by Tuan Duong Chu

Magic: The Gathering Arena is probably the best place to play the standard game after the standard game at the moment. For anyone unfamiliar, Standard is the format created by Magic for the latest cards released. There are many benefits to playing Standard online against cards, not the least of which is the fact that you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on standard cards that will likely shrink in dollar value in just a matter of months. Related: Magic: The Gathering Arena – Best cards from Alchemy: New…

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Captain America costume is not the worst Avengers

Chris Evans has revealed that he thinks the Captain America costume is the worst among the Avengers costume, but that’s why it actually isn’t. Maybe Chris Evans recently revealed his true feelings for him captain AmericaZi, bad rank among Avengers– But it’s definitely not the worst. Being the first Avengers to appear in chronological order, Captain America has worn many different costumes over the years. While some were more true to the comics versions than others, Captain America’s costumes managed to change a lot without losing the ability to recognize…

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How to go about the flawless title

Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Lighthouse Image

Quick links Guardian, I have a gift for you Fate 2 Players who like certain aspects of the game can show their dedication and skills through titles. If you find that the grinding is lacking, you can go so far as to gilt the title, replacing the purple line of text with gold text instead. Related topics: Destiny 2: All ingenious experiences of Osiris’ weapon, arranged The Gamer video today Flawless is a title eligible for gilding. If you took that title last season, it will be roughly the same…

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Mekhi Becton July 4th, workout video making a social media drama

GT New York Jets attack tackle Mekhi Becton during training during training camp. Some people enjoy the Fourth of July festivities with fireworks, hanging out with the family, or enjoying some delicious food from the grill. However, New York Jets attacking Mekhi Becton decided to pass the good times for some extra work on the football field. The Duke of Manyweather, Becton coach and offensive line expert, Post the video for his Instagram story. All the latest aircraft news straight to your inbox! Joined Heavy on the aircraft newsletter here!…

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Paul Sarker Interview: MCU & Spider-Man

Paul Sarker worked as Marvel’s Legal Counsel, playing a major role in shaping the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Best known as the co-host of Better Call Paul, a podcast that discusses everything from entertainment law to crypto, Paul Sarker has now been practicing as an attorney for about 11 years. He started his career at Marvel and Disney after interning for a few law firms, and worked for them for almost six years. It’s easy for viewers to forget that legal deals lie at the heart of the MCU, a shared universe that…

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Westworld season 4 reveals that the past is not easily forgotten


Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for Season 4, Episode 2 of Westworld.At the risk of jinxing or causing a new timeline as he returns to his worst inclinations, it is a pleasant surprise to announce that Season 4 of Westworld A promising start. After Season 3’s misstep, the show’s authors made a smart call to make time jump seven years into the future and free themselves to take the story in new directions. It allowed the show to observe how the passage of time changed the world and the…

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9 Movies That Are Actually Hidden Gems, According To Reddit

'Oscar' 'The Sapphires', and 'Smoke Signal'

hollowAnd the NetflixAnd the Disney +And the peacockAnd the Amazon Prime Video We have a wide range of films. It takes a long time to find the perfect movie to watch. Sometimes, viewers may come across movies they may not even remember a commercial, trailer, or other ads. These are considered hidden gems or underrated movies. Related: Best Peacock Movies Right Now crime drama 2018 american animalsAnd the musical 2021 AnnetteAnd the And the romantic movie candies (2006) are some of the movies that require the viewer to look up…

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Love/hate actor Johnny Ward announces his engagement

“I am happy to finally announce that my best friend said ‘yes,’ which is what the star revealed on social media today. “I will marry July 2023. Thank you for making me the happiest man in the world. I love you more than anything @brmbrenda.” Johnny made his debut in Love/Hate as Pauley, and later as kidnapper Ciaran Holloway in Fair City and will soon reprise his role in the stage show Copper Face Jacks The Musical. He appeared on Dancing With The Stars in 2018. The 35-year-old was in…

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