The world record holder Spelunky 2 Speedrunner Twiggle passes away

Spelunky 2 2019

Spelunky 2 world record holder Matthew Julien has died of unknown causes at the age of 25. Julian was well known by friends and fans in the community as Twiggle.

This news comes from a prominent member of the community that grew up around Spelunky and its recent sequel to Spelunky 2, XanaGear. “I am completely at a loss for words,” the player announce on Twitter. “Please reach out to your loved ones, your friends, your family…even someone you just quarreled with and tell them you care about them. And it can make a big difference. Rest in peace my friend. You will always be remembered and missed.”

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XanaGear previously said on Discord that “Twiggle is no longer with us as of earlier this week. He’s always been fun to play with and I know many of you have viewed him as a positive beacon in our little corner of the internet. I will always remember him fondly and ask you to remain respectful and to avoid Any speculation about his situation.” Some have suggested that suicide may have been the cause of death. “If you need to talk about anything in your life, know that I am always willing to listen and love… everyone in this disagreement means a lot to me and I want you here,” XanaGear continued.

XanaGear described Julian as “the first player to reach 7-99.” XanaGear added that it “continues to hold the world record in the non-cosmic ocean category.”

The surviving members of Julian’s family describe it him in their obituary as “a son, brother, and uncle. He was very sensitive, gentle, and a peacemaker. He was a blessing to everyone who knew him. He was especially adored by his dogs Molly and Lola, and his young nephew Adam. He was Adam’s best friend and taught him how to play many games on PC and Nintendo.” “. They added, “His fans on Twitch were also uplifted by his charitable nature. He was technical, a hard worker, very smart. He could solve a fully paid Rubik’s Cube in 14 seconds!”

In response to an announcement by XanaGear, the developer behind Spelunky and Spelunky 2, Derek Yu, He said On Twitter, “I absolutely loved watching the two of you and everyone broadcasting the game. Having such kind and enthusiastic people play it is fun and I feel so lucky every day. Rest in peace, Twiggle.”

Fans of the sender were leaving their condolences in the form of comments on his obituary. “We’ll miss Matthew,” said Pierce Baker. “He brought to light the days of everyone who came into contact with him online and his relationship with his community was so friendly and wonderful that it was comforting to simply know he was there.” Baker added that he “never stopped brightening his day, even when his day was dimly lit.”

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