Only 5 scenes in DC’s ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ could have made it funny

Supernatural Baby Impala Zari and Beebo

Arrow It is the show that started it all and was the first deeper look into the dark side of the superhero world. SparkleAnd the Still going strong, it was the second installment of the DCTV shows and introduced us to the Scarlett Speedster in a more modern take on the fastest man alive. super girl Follow Kara Zor El (played by Melissa Benoist) and it was a different style from the surviving Kryptonians after they came to Earth.

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while every Arrow The show has something uniquely lovable, and there is probably nothing quite as unique as The legends of tomorrow in the capital. It’s one of the more outlandish offerings in this beloved multiverse, and it’s not hard to see why. While Sparkle He has a giant shark man (or shark man?) and a mind control gorilla, legends They became professionals in all things weird and wacky. From 60 feet of Beebo battling a demon from hell to a severed dragon head and dinosaurs running through the streets, legends have been responsible for some ArrowThe most bizarre, weird, and really hilarious mayhem moments.

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“Guys, I think we wasted time.”

Damien Darhk (Neil McDonough), Malcolm Merlin (John Barrowman), Leopard Thwin (Matt Letcherand Leonard SnartWentworth Miller). Talk about the super power group team! At the end of season two and in an attempt to recover the spear from 1916, the legends end up interacting with their future selves, resulting in a time storm.

As a result of the storm of time, and after believing that everything is back to normal, Sarah (Katie LutzThe gang set off for Aruba at Mick’s.Dominic Purcell) Request. However, plans suddenly change, and the team crashes into Los Angeles, where buildings from different time zones and many types of dinosaurs swarm the streets. Yes, legends, you totally broke time!

Legends of Tomorrow meets Lucifer and encounters supernatural powers

The Legends met many characters during their time on Waverider, varying from George Lucas To the beloved blue Furball Beebo and his beloved Vikings fan. during Crisis on Infinite EarthsConstantine (Matt Ryan(until Mia gave you a smoke)Katherine McNamaraand John DiggleDavid Ramsay) to Lucifer Morningstar in Lux from FOX/Netflix’s The devil championship Tom Ellis. But Crisis Cross isn’t the only time they’ve crossed over to another CW series.

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In the fifth season of the episode “Zari not Zari” Sarah Wazi finds a sign stating that supernatural She is filming in the area, which leads Sarah out because she is a fan of the show. A few scenes later, Constantine comes on a 1967 Winchester Chevy Impala, Baby, as the trunk pops up to reveal the brace and iconic corpse. SPN Devil’s trap on the roof. Don’t Worry, Sarah, Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) Many people (including this author!) pass the hall!

Demon from Hell Fighting… Wait, is that Bebo?

It’s the end of Season 3, and The Legends in Aruba is finally relaxing after another grueling season of rest and time savings. Then a familiar face or two rain faces appear in your parade, in the form of Gary and John Constantine.

Forbal! The Good, the Bad, and the Cuddly saw myths take the form of something pure and gentle with the help of the six totems trying to defeat Malus. Who would have thought that what we need to see on TV is a giant 60-foot Beebo plush battling a demon? It’s like Stay Puft Marshmallow Man all over again!

Oh no! Not Groundhog Day!

Several TV shows and movies have seen the classic Groundhog Day hit since starring in the 1993 movie Bill Murray. Before legends of tomorrowTV shows like supernatural, CharmAnd the Star TrekAnd the And the unknown files Immerse yourself in the art of the time loop.

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Perhaps the best part of this Groundhog Day episode was Zari (Tala Ash(take Nate)Nick Zano) Tip to enjoy the situation. What’s the point of blowing up every hour? No consequences. That fun included trying on team uniforms, stuffing her face with food, and raising banners behind Ray (Brandon Routh) and the appearance of Mick who reads it all, from “Stop Touching My Clothes” to Mick’s Grunt, and he made a funny montage.

Nate torture? By Damien Darhk

With Malus getting closer and closer to escaping, he still needs the totems that the legends possess. After Nate is taken hostage, Malus’s Nora orders her father, Damien Darhk, to force Nate to abandon the rest of the team, but Damien has other ideas.

After one poke with an electrified cattle drive, Nate asked, because he was going to die anyway, Damien puts the cattle down to make the area a safe place, which he does. Without Nora in attendance, Damien and Nate just put on the show, hitting the leg of the table with a baseball bat and Nate screaming as if he was injured. Between clenching their fists and encouraging Damian to increase his screaming, this is one of the funniest torture scenes in the history of torture scenes.

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