Lakers rumors: Trade proposal uses Tottenham to add Kyrie Irving


Rob Pelinka of the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Brooklyn Nets don’t appear to be in any hurry to trade star guard Kyrie Irving. Although the Los Angeles Lakers have shown an interest in the All-Star game seven times, the curlers are hoping to find out where Kevin Durant stands before dealing with Irving. However, this does not mean that Brooklyn and Los Angeles did not talk.

Chris Haynes from Yahoo Sports I initially mentioned that the two sides were engaged in trade talks involving Irving. While it’s not a huge priority for networking, Eric Pincus reports from Bleacher It is also reported that teams are discussing options. One option that has been brought up is to bring in the San Antonio Spurs to help facilitate the three-team trade:

The Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers have had preliminary discussions about a Kyrie Irving deal, and sources say the teams are exploring the possibility of luring the San Antonio Spurs into a multi-team deal.

The Lakers, whose sources have indicated an interest in a move from Russell Westbrook to Irving, may need to be patient. Westbrook’s $47.1 million contract is not to the liking of the Nets, which currently expects it to be above its $150.3 million luxury tax threshold.

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What could a three-difference trade look like

Spurs were never in the business of helping the Lakers during the Greg Popovich era, but the rivals can help each other out. San Antonio is in a state of extensive rebuilding and some contracts need to be cancelled. Pincus thinks there’s a package that could send Russell Westbrook, Kendrick Noone and Tallinn Horton Tucker to the Spurs that would take Josh Richardson and Doug McDermott to Los Angeles with Irving from Brooklyn:

Teams consider veterans like Jacob Boltle, McDermott and Richardson available. Westbrook will not appeal to Spurs and presumably will get a buyout deal, presumably at least getting another minimum franchise (nearly $3 million). With McDermott’s exit and Westbrook’s acquisition, Spurs would only add an approximate net worth of $16.7 million — essentially to buy a future first from the Lakers.

This could expand to both Richardson and McDermott to Los Angeles, provided that Los Angeles includes Kendrick Noone or Tallinn Horton Tucker. The Lakers will have more interest in Richardson than McDermott.

If that trade occurs, the Lakers will give up some of the youngsters’ upsides at Nunn and Horton-Tucker, but they will add proven wings. McDermott is a 40.9% 3-point shooter and Richardson is a staunch defender of the ocean. This could be a worthwhile deal for Los Angeles if they’re hoping to tour a championship this season.

Spotted Irving in Los Angeles

Why Irving wants to leave Brooklyn is complicated. He grew up in New Jersey as a Nets fan. This was supposed to be the perfect situation for him. However, he isolated the team last season and now they have sent him off. Even though he’s had issues with LeBron James in the past, they’ve clearly crushed on that beef and he loves LA.

He spends large parts of the offseason in California and is currently there. In fact, he even attended the Los Angeles Sparks match on July 7. He knew what he was doing when he attended the game and it’s safe to say that Los Angeles is where he wants to be.

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