Samsung and Philips Hue will combine music with your smart lights – Geek مراجعة review


The Samsung SmartThings app will soon offer “enhanced music experiences” for Philips Hue lighting products, according to a statement submitted to the edge. It’s unclear how this integration will work, but it could simplify the process of syncing existing Philips Hue music, which requires a computer and $250 Sync Box.

We suspect Samsung and Signify (Philips Hue’s parent brand) dropped this information to add to the hype. It’s a very short statement, which simply states, “In the coming months, we hope to announce more details of an expanded partnership between Samsung SmartThings and Philips Hue that will provide enhanced music experiences.”

Instead, it appears the companies wanted to get rid of a rumor. earlier this week, SamMobile You mentioned that the upcoming SmartThings update will allow users to sync the on-screen Samsung TV with Philips Hue lighting.

Samantha Finn, Samsung’s Vice President of SmartThings Marketing, calls this report “premature” and “inaccurate.” For what it’s worth, we withstood the coverage SamMobileReport because it sounded too good to be true – Philips Hue already sells expensive TV sync devices, so why offer a free alternative through SmartThings?

But there’s a good chance that Samsung is working on an updated SmartThings app. SmartThings is the testing grounds for Matter, a global smart home standard, and its implementation may require an overhaul when SmartThings launches. It would also be the perfect time to redesign the app, as customers will need to educate them on how the material can change the game.

However, we cannot confirm that Samsung is working on an updated SmartThings app. Nor do we know what “enhanced music experiences” it will bring to Philips Hue products. For what it’s worth, both are from Samsung and Philips Hugh Plans to integrate existing products with Matter.

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