Denny Hamlin: “Tons of Unanswered Questions” Circa 2024


Denny Hamlin has many unanswered questions about the 2024 season.

On July 12, 23XI Racing revealed that Tyler Reddick would join the organization on a multi-year deal, beginning in 2024. He would make the leap from Richard Childress Racing, but where would he be?

The Cup Series team currently runs two full-time participants. 2004 champion Kurt Bosch leads the 45th while Talladega (2021) winner Bubba Wallace leads the 23rd. Both are locked in the 2022 season, and Bosch is currently in the first season of his multi-year deal. Additionally, 23XI Racing President Steve Lolita said the team “has plans” to continue Wallace, Per Claire B. Lang from SiriusXM.

There is no immediate place for Reddick, but option #45 would be the most likely choice. Bosch is 43 years old and nearing the end of his career. He has previously addressed the possibility of retirement, so much so that he released a video hinting at him ahead of the 2021 season, but indicated that he decided to stay until he could drive seventh-generation cars.

If Busch decides to walk away after the 2023 season, it will create an immediate opportunity for Reddick. The California native will be able to simply slip into the #45 Toyota and start his first season with 23XI Racing. However, if Busch persists, there are other options for the foundation.

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There are many unknowns about the future

Lolita has confirmed that the driver lineup will remain the same for the 2023 season. Wallace and Busch will return on tours as they seek to add more gains to the overall foundation. Beyond that, there are some unknowns.

The biggest unknown is Busch. Hamlin said the 2004 Cup Series champion could drive as long as he wanted and that Bosch did more than he hoped for in terms of drive and talent. Hamlin also said he wants Busch to stay at 23XI Racing even after he stops making appearances at the races.

Hamlin appeared on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio on July 12 and said he doesn’t keep any secrets. He doesn’t know if the team will be two or three cars, and he doesn’t know if Bosch and Wallace will be in the building. His main focus was simply interest in the business and locking up Reddick for the future.

“There are a lot of moving parts and, frankly, a lot of unanswered questions,” Hamlin explained while appearing on “Tradin” Paint. “I just had to make sure I had the biggest piece of this puzzle, and that’s the driver.”

Former Denny Hamlin Reveals His ‘Perfect’ Setup For 23XI

Denny Hamlin

GTDenny Hamlin (right) talked about the possibility of forming a third team.

There are several ways this Reddick deal could start, starting in 2024. He could replace Busch or Wallace depending on how the 2023 season starts. He could also take a third car if 23XI Racing expands.

Co-owner Denny Hamlin addressed this possibility while appearing on “The Dale Jr. Download” and explained during May 24 episode That’s a nice place to be in terms of settings. Four cars is too many while one or two is too few.

“I think three is probably the right number,” Hamlin explained to Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Mike Davis. “I think when you think — look at the efficiencies when it comes to your employees, the departments that you have — you gain from one to two. [teams]. this is good.

“Three is a slight gain and then team four is like hiring a whole new team again. You have to hire extra people. So three is kind of a good place to go for your resources.”

Hamlin said he would likely join 23XI Racing and lead his own team, but indicated that he would prefer to finish his career with Joe Gibbs Racing and FedEx. He also made it clear that he would need to obtain a charter that guarantees entry to every race and a larger portion of the prize portfolio.

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