‘Bachelorette’ stars respond to Clayton Echard and insist there is no intent to hate


“The Bachelorette” stars Gabe Wendy and Rachel Riccia pose at the mansion.

Viewers finally got their first look at Gabe Wendy and Rachel Ricchia when their season “The Bachelorette” premiered on July 11th. The Bachelor contestants referred to Echard during their first night introductions. ‘The Bachelor’ co-star Echard and Susie Evans shared their thoughts on it all after the premiere, and now Windey and Recchia are responding by taking them in. Fans will likely have strong opinions about the situation themselves.

Here’s what you need to know:

Icardi was intimidated

Echard and Evans spoke with Kaitlyn Bristow on the “Off the Vine” podcast after the premiere. “The Bachelor” explained that he is happy with what his life has come to now, and personally tried not to take the numerous digs that were broadcast during the premiere of The Bachelorette. Despite this, he felt as if the premiere went too far as the guys pointed out to him. “Do I think this should have been shown? I mean no. I think it was cyberbullying, an attack, or it would lead to cyberbullying,” he explained.

Rikia and Wendy talk to us weekly After the premiere, the Bristowe podcast was released, addressing Echard and Evans’ comments. “I don’t think anyone meant anything malicious, I don’t think it was really slanderous, I think they were trying to make fun of it,” Windey said of The Bachelorette’s suitors and their introductions. Rikia nodded and agreed with Wendy as she spoke.

“Of course, no one used his name maliciously, meanly, or bullied him,” Rekia added. “Of course, we probably would have liked to hear it a little less, I’m sure he would have had it too, but it was, sort of, a lot of fun trying to connect with us,” she added. Wendy also noted that filming these intros took place only a week after the end of “The Bachelor,” so at that point, it was all still fresh in everyone’s mind.

The ladies don’t think there was any bad faith

Windey and Recchia agreed that they understood Echard’s feelings, although they hoped “he’s not really playing that way,” meaning he was mean and bullying. The stars of “The Bachelorette” also suggested that watching Echard’s many digs now, several months later, “has a somewhat bigger feel.” The ladies agreed that they understood where Echard and Evans came from, but remained adamant there was no ill intent with several men making jokes at Echard’s account during the first night of filming.

Fans seem divided over the situation. In response to comments by Windey and Recchia, a viewer chirpHe was 100% malicious!! One person “mocked” him one thing but multiple and this ridiculous song?!? CLASSLESS!!!!!!” On the other hand, one commenter on Instagram Wrote“For the love of God stop asking them about Susie and Clayton. They’re powerful stalkers just looking to hold on to the fitting of their fade. I’m willing to never hear anything about her again.” There may be additional references to Echard as “The Bachelorette” season begins, but it seems safe to say that everyone’s ready to move on, and any additional references in the future should be minimal compared to the premiere.


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