How to get a helmet in V Rising

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during playing V . heightYou will have the opportunity to collect armor sets, weapons, and helmets. Helmets are an accessory item that does not provide any stats, but it will raise your vampire fashion. These cosmetic items can be hard to come by, so we’re here to help.

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In this guide, we will take a look at How to get a helmet. You won’t be able to craft these items, so you don’t need any ready-made specific crafting materials. First, let’s take a look at the helmets that you can buy from dealers.

Buying from merchants

The simplest way to get a helmet is to buy one from a dealer with silver coins. there Three of these NPCs are located around the map; For more information, be sure to check out our website Silver coins use guide, where we talk about the location of each dealer.

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Below, you can see the helmets available for purchase along with the merchant offering them and the price.

Helmet merchant price
Miter Necromancer Gavin the Shady Trader 200x Silver Coins
pilgrim hat Gavin the Shady Trader 200x Silver Coins
bear head Burke Merchant Traveler 300x Silver Coins
Wolf Head Burke Merchant Traveler 300x Silver Coins
deer head Burke Merchant Traveler 300x Silver Coins
miter Merchant strings 550x silver coins
ashfall helmet Merchant strings 550x silver coins

Find a helmet

man foot helmet

Next, we have helmets that can be Found in chests or caught from the water. Like helmets that can be bought, It will not have any statistics and is for purely aesthetic purposes.

Below, you can find the helmet, as well as the areas where you can find them.

Helmet Site
Ashfolk Crown Silverlight Hills
bonnet Dunley Farms
maid’s hat Farban Woods
maid’s scarf
  • Farban Woods
  • Dunley Farms
militia helmet Any site with a militia

  • This can also fall from militia fighters
paladin helmet Silverlight Hills
rust helmet
  • Farban Woods
  • Dunley Farms
straw hat
  • cursed forest
  • Dunley Farms
top hat
  • cursed forest
  • Silverlight Hills
man foot helmet
  • Dunley Farms
    • This can also fall from militia fighters
knight helmet Dunley Farms

Loot helmets from enemies

Vampire hunter hats

These are helmets you can do Loot from enemies upon defeat. This is somewhat rare, but not impossible.

Below, you can check out each one of these helmets, as well as how to get them.

Helmet Enemies shoot them down
Boneguard mask
  • skeletons
    • This enemy appears in every area
    • This can also be found inside coffins.
General undead helmet
  • Undead generals
    • haunted iron mine
    • Church of the Damned
NightWorker Head
scarecrow mask
Vampire Head Gear
  • Tristan the Vampire Hunter

DLC Helmets

Finally, we have helmets included as part of the DLC for V Rising. Currently, there is only one DLC helmet, Which you can learn about below.

Helmet DLC How to get
Immortal King Greathelm Dracula’s Relic Pack crafts with:

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