Where to find all collectibles in Vision 5 Of Klonoa: Door to Phantomile

After reaching the fifth vision in Klonoa: Door to PhantomimeOur time with platforms is coming to an end. Fortunately, Door To Phantomile looks to make a lasting impression. Fifth Vision provides players with two unique stages. One with very open ends, allowing the player to tackle obstacles in any order he wants. The other phase presents a contrast in the day-night cycle.

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But you’re not here for the neat stages, you’re here for those collectibles. There are definitely some well-hidden phantoms for you to encounter during your time at work during these stages, and we’ll guide you through them all. And of course, we will give you all the information you need to collect all 150 dream stones.

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Vision 5-1: Coruna, Temple of the Sun

Coronia is one of the few open stages in Door To Phantomile. You need to get four orbs. In the process of acquiring these orbs, you will be doing a fair amount of puzzle game. It doesn’t matter the order in which you follow the celestial bodies.

Vision 5-1: Where do you find all the delusions

We’ll start by traveling through the left door in the first area. You will enter a giant area filled with lava. The first Phantomlian is on the main track, hovering over a lava crater. Grab the bird and use it to make a booster jump over the Phantomilian (1/6). This will send the bird into the bubble and release it.

Enter the entrance marked with a red orb. Now, while chasing the red orb, You will come across a section where you are in the spring. The phantomimilians (2/6) will be in the background. Nearby, there are enemies that emerged from the lava. Grab one of them and throw them at the Phantomilian to free him.

Once you have the red orb, you will take a shortcut that will take you back to the main room where you started. Now go back through the door on the left again. On your way to the blue orbAnd the There will be a Ngabuku egg hovering over the lava pit. Just throw an enemy towards it, and you will free the Phantomilian (3/6). almost After you grab the blue orb, you will encounter the Ngabuku egg. break it by throwing the enemy at him, and You will edit the next Phantomilian (4/6).

After returning to the main room again, you will head through the door on the right. On your way to the yellow orb, there will be a Ngapoko Egg resting over a pit next to one of those pillars of fire producing monstrous objects (this is after the Mirror Spirit section). Get the enemy bird nearby and do a booster jump over it (perfect from far above, so that you can jump back on the platform to the side). A Phantomilian (5/6) is inside.

Finally, as you chase the green orb, you’ll encounter a giant room with an entire row of armored moos at the bottom of the screen. There will also be a Phantomelian (6/6) on the edge. Just go down on said ledge and edit the final Phantomilian.

Vision 5-1: Where to find all the Ngabuku eggs

There isn’t much in the way of Ngapoko Eggs at this point. Two of them are on the main trackAnd hold the Phantomilians. You will encounter one of these shortly after obtaining the blue orb; The other you’ll encounter while chasing the yellow orb.

There is also a Ngapoko Egg that you will encounter as soon as you enter through the door to your right of the room containing the words you have collected. The nagabuku egg will be to the left of a ball and chain (both in the background). Just throw an enemy at it to get the dream stone.

Vision 5-1: How to get 150 Dream Stones

As long as you hunt Ngapoko Eggs and Phantomilians, there are not many difficult dream stones at this point. However, there are two very difficult divisions of Mirror Spirit. So, that’s what we’ll focus on here.

The first mirror soul was found after claiming the red orb. The gem pattern here is similar to the inverted L. But, unfortunately, there is more to it than that. You’ll need to grab the enemy bird above, then go down to the platform lined up with your mirror spirit. Now, throw the enemy towards it, activate it, jump to the platform above where the Mirror Spirit was, grab the enemy bird and do a booster jump to get that line of Dream Stones, then finish the inverted L section of the stones. Unsurprisingly, the timing is a bit tight here.

On your way to the yellow orb, you will encounter another passage of Mirror Soul. This one is suitably rough for the final stage. Here you will have to jump through the fire pillar, grab the jumper, land on the steering wheel, and Make sure not to let the wheel push you onto one of the dream stones. Now, throw the bird at the Mirror Spirit, activate it, then hold the bird to your left, take a booster jump and go to the top row of Dream Stones. Then, when you fall, grab the bird to your left, and perform another booster jump to grab the remaining line of dream stones. It’s tricky, and you’ll probably have to redo it a few times.

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Vision 5-2: High above Corona

This next section of Coronia is much more linear than the previous one. However, it does come with a completely new mechanic packing. Day and night cycle! Here, when darkness falls, the enemies will become invincible, but the orbs that discover the stage will become platforms. And as expected, when the light returns, those platforms will disappear, but the enemies will return to normal.

Vision 5-2: Where do you find all the delusions

First Phantomelian (1/6) On the main track at the beginning of the stage. A little after you split your two Ngabuku eggs, this Phantomillian will float above you and to the left. Just jump and pop the bubble to release it. In the next area there is a section where you can go down to the platform. If you land on this platform, it will take you to the background. Here you will enter a room full of goodies including Phantomilian (2/6).

Continue along the main road. However, when you come to a door with two aggression birds hovering around the two orbs to your left, you’ll want to briefly diverge. Wait until nightfall, then jump over the platforms. Once you encounter a giant gaping hole, wait for the day to come back, and grab a bird to jump across. You will be able to grab another Phantomlian (3/6).

You will arrive at an area with giant armored vehicles in the background. There is a hidden path above you (4/6). Use one of the enemies of the flying squirrel to jump and grab it.

After you eliminate the giant armor, you will enter an area with a spring and a flying enemy. After making some challenging platform games, instead of heading left, You’ll want to head to the right. Simply grab a nearby enemy and you’ll be able to push yourself up the nearby wall. There is a phantomlian (5/6) cached this way. Currently, Hop back up, and travel to the left this time. The last ghost (6/6) is sitting in a side room on the main road. So you’ve got your final Phantomilian at this point.

Vision 5-2: Where to find all the Ngabuku eggs

At the beginning of the stage, there are two Ngapoko eggs in the background. The first has a dream stone, and the other has a heart package. Keeping going, shortly after the second Phantomilian liberation, you’ll find the Ngapoko Egg sitting at the front. Holds a heart pack. Another Ngabuku egg in the second section has a flying squirrel. Holds a heart pack.

Vision 5-2: How to get 150 Dream Stones

Surprisingly enough, this is actually one of the easiest stages to get 150 Dream Stones. Just Make sure to go through each entrance, and grab all the Ngapoko eggsAnd you will have already done most of the work. There is only Two sections deserve a little extra attention.

The first part of the mirror’s soul is completely inevitable. It is on the main road. Here, you just need to Wait for it to get darkand then Hit the soul of the mirror and jump from one platform to another. The timing is not like that very It’s tight, but you’ll need to avoid some snags, so don’t be surprised if you need to repeat this section multiple times.

Soon after this Mirror Spirit section, you will encounter a gigantic armored Mua accompanied by ordinary armor. You will like to Grab the flying squirrels and throw them at these armored foes. But Don’t kill them, just remove their shields. Next, go to the platform that will take you to the background, Grab the Ordinary Mu and throw it at the Giant Mu. The giant will drop some dream stones that you need to collect.

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