Chris Pratt Reveals Presentation Video Obtained From Terminal Menu

Actor Chris Pratt shares the actual video he provided to help get the Prime Video series adaptation of director Jack Carr’s Terminal List.

Chris Pratt shared the original video he helped get it on station list made. Pratt plays former Marine James Reese in the Prime video station list, a series based on the novel of the same name by author Jack Carr. Pratt joins Taylor Kitsch, Constance Wu, Jane Triplehorn, Lamonica Jarrett, and Riley Keough for the 8-episode series, which adapts the first book in Carr’s ongoing series featuring Bryce.

station list It was a huge hit when it debuted as a premiere on Prime Video, beating out another heavy hitter in the broadcast, boys. Fan response was very different from critical response to the show, with many critics speaking poorly of the series. Carr has since responded to the critical negative reaction, defending fan ratings on critics, saying they “Not made [The Terminal List] to critics.”

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In a new post on Instagram, Pratt He shares his original video from 2020 for station list. In it, he gives reasons for wanting to make the project a TV series rather than a movie while showing excitement for the opportunity to expand as an actor and producer. Pratt explains how station list Came to him, which was via his close friend and former Marine SEAL Jared Shaw (who also appears in station list), which he introduced to Carr. From there, Pratt sought out Antoine Fuqua to come out and play an EP on the series, saying their goal was to survive”true and trueTo the Navy SEAL community with the show. Watch Pratt’s original presentation below:

Pratt began to form a mutually beneficial relationship with Prime Video, after director Chris McKay appeared Tomorrow’s war On streaming service with great success in 2021 and now station list in 2022. But the actor still has some theatrical work to come, as he will reappear as Star-Lord in director James Gunn Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3as well Galaxy Holiday’s Special Guardians for Disney+. Pratt is also set to re-team with The Russo Bros for the Netflix original electric state With Millie Bobby Brown who also voices both Garfield And the Super Mario In the new animated film adaptations.

It’s interesting that Pratt followed that up station list as a series rather than a movie, but it seems to have worked to his advantage. The role of James Reese is a huge change of pace for the actor, transforming him from an arrogant goof hero into a ruthless action star. While some continue to politicize the show, fan support is huge, and could play a long-term role for Pratt if Prime Video continues to adapt Carr’s novels beyond. station list. There is a lot of material I can get my hands on (there are 5 James Reese books total so far) and Pratt has shown himself to be very passionate about the part, so the ball is in Amazon’s court to keep the show on the road and possibly score another victory for the Pratt/Prime Video Partnership next summer.

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