8 Tolkien Book Characters We Hope To See

Now, it’s so obvious The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power You will focus mainly on the original characters in familiar settings-Bronwyn, Adar, etc.. -But plenty of established characters like Elrond, Gil-Gallad and Celebrimbor reportedly have big roles. This gives Tolkien fans hope that some of the many small roles for the books will appear here or there. There are so many great and wonderful characters in the Tolkien myth that they deserve a moment of appreciation.

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From old and lost musician kings to loyal captains and adventurers, Tolkien has created tons of characters with amazing stories that would add so much to the series.

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The wise wizard, Gandalf the Gray (or White), definitely has a chance to appear in due course. As one of Valar’s lieutenants, and an effective figure in Middle-earth during the Sauron period, it seems reasonable to assume that he might appear in an episode or two to help the peoples of Middle-earth fight the Dark Lord. In the book, he took the form of an old man, and it would be interesting to see the show’s interpretation of Mayar’s forms before he reached Middle-earth.

A new scene in the recently released trailer gives this theory at least some credence. While it could definitely be someone like Glorfindel or maybe even a dragon, a fiery comet spewing across the sky and plummeting with an explosive glow of gold definitely looks something from another world.


The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of PowerThe new trailer for Fanor showed a flashing, flashing, flashing scene on screen of a group of elves raising their swords together in what is expected to be a performance of the famous oath of Fanor, which he and his sons are. They swore together at the beginning of the First Age of Middle-earth.

If the show featured Fenor’s seven sons (or even the surviving child at the time of the episodes of The Power), it’s expected that Fenor himself will be shown – or at least mentioned.

Tom Bombadil

As JRR Tolkien’s most enigmatic and unexpected character, Tom Bombadil gives show writers plenty of lee-way. Tolkien never goes into his background in any satisfactory depth, though he describes him as a different being from men, elves, or hobbits, who have been around ever since. wake up elves before the creation of the sun or the moon.

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Although in the books he vehemently refuses to have anything to do with the One Ring, it is not far from the realm of the possibilities that the Harfoots, on their adventure, may encounter him and his wife, Goldberry, in a manner similar to how Frodo and his companions found them Hobbits – as a friendly pair ready with food Comfort for weary travelers.


Glorfindel plays only a small role in the books as the Elvish racer from Rivendell who helped Frodo in Reaching the sanctuary After being attacked by Ringwraith. However, his background as captain of the fallen city of Gondolin, which is reborn in Middle-earth with the sole purpose of aiding them during the next war with Sauron.

Since he played such a significant role in defending Rivendell in the Third Age, it would be great to see Glorfindel finally give some characterization in this onscreen adaptation that he didn’t get in the movies.


The role of Governor Nominori Tar Merrill has also been confirmed Cynthia Addai Robinson In the series, her husband and the last Numenorian king, the pharaoh, are almost certain to be equally important. played before Tristan GravelThe Pharaohs was the ambitious king who made him proud Destroy the Numinor. In the end, this led to the formation of the Gondorian Kingdom, made up of exiles from the devastated island kingdom.

It would be hard to imagine rings of strength It takes place without showing the impact of the pharaoh on the world, so all fans must be wondering how to portray his journey to power.


Erendil is mentioned in Fellowship of the Ring as the brightest star in the Elves, but that might lead some movie fans to think that’s all there is to it. Indeed, Tolkien Silmarillion It reveals that EƤrendil is actually the name of the Elf who leads one of the last remaining Silmarils across the sky, and is a symbol of hope for everyone below.

Erendel is known for many great deeds: slaying a dragon, his perilous journey to the forbidden land of Valinor, and his great legacy as one of the last descendants of the royal Noldorin dynasty. his sons Elrond and Elrus Successively he became a wise healer and leader, and the first king of the Numenor.


With all the scenes related to the first age The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power It seems to be showing fans interested so far, characters like Doriathrin king Thingol are unlikely to appear.

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He was instrumental in some of Middle-earth’s greatest stories – the love story of Beren and Lothin and the tragic fate of Turin Turambar immediately comes to mind – and it provides the opportunity to show another side of the show’s budget through its mini-growth halls, the mansion is said to be one of the most beautiful pieces of architecture In the world.

any of valar

It would be difficult to portray the ancient god-like characters that helped create the world on screen. Based on the mysterious deities of Norse mythology, Tolkien’s lifelong passion, the Valar is rarely described directly, and is more closely related to their natural prerogatives than any physical traits.

Although most beings in Middle-Earth are detached from it and question its existence, the Valar sometimes appears to prove that it is, in fact, real – they sent Gandalf, Saruman, and Glorfindel to Middle-Earth, and when Ar-Pharaoh dared to attempt to occupy the land of the Valar , Valinor, and they destroyed the Numinor.

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