Disney’s new CGI mania is hurting both Marvel and Star Wars

There have always been tech trends in the movie industry, but Disney’s current CGI mania is hurting both the MCU and star Wars. When one film shows a new technical feature, other films and shows try to imitate it, usually without the same level of success because they are made by production teams who are not as familiar with the technologies as the people who created the he-she.

take this example, the matrix. Released in 1999, the film was particularly noted for its innovative bullet technology. The next few years saw a boom in entertainment using the same technologies, and by the time The Matrix Reloaded Hitting movie theaters in 2003, lead time was popular. In 2009, James Cameron was released symbol picture 3D revolutionized, and countless directors tried to follow in his footsteps. Although 3D has been an integral part of symbol pictureIts imitators often made the technology seem superfluous, giving 3D a bad name.

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Something similar is happening again, but strangely in only one studio. In 2019, Disney’s first live show star Wars TV series, The Mandalorian, published a new technique called folder, and it proved remarkably successful. In this case, the technology is owned by Disney, which means its impact is more focused. Unfortunately, it has a very detrimental effect on both of them star Wars and Marvel franchises.

What is the size? Explanation of Disney’s innovative technologies

The Mandalorian The Volume Set

The Mandalorian It used Volume technology, a new technology developed by Industrial Light & Magic (ILM). Essentially an alternative to green screen, it allows actors to perform in front of a huge curved LED screen that displays realistic backgrounds. The size reduces the need for travel because the crew can film scenes set in a desert the same day they shoot other scenes in the arctic wasteland. It’s easy to see why Disney is taking advantage of this approach, a cheap alternative to filming locations that has been particularly useful in getting production started again despite restrictions during the pandemic.

The actors also praised the volume, simply because they prefer it on the green screen. It removes the need to stand in front of a green screen and simply imagine something happening; Instead, they can work in the background, which allows them to shape their performance. This technique is especially useful for creating exotic environments, such as those created by folder Thor: love and thunder, which do not correspond to any location on Earth and feel too complex for traditional groups.

How does scale work on the mandalorian

Mandalorian uses the folder

The Mandalorian Model Jon Favreau has always loved working with new technology; He came to Lucasfilm recently from the experience of making it jungle book, after every thing. He soon realized that the scheduling limitations of producing a TV show meant he couldn’t do the same amount of location filming, and he had to find a replacement that was just as amazing. This led Favreau to start meeting with ILM, Epic Games (the maker of Unreal Engine), production technology partners Golem Creations, Fuse, Lux Machina, Profile Studios, NVIDIA and ARRI.

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The Mandalorian Visual Effects Supervisor Richard Bluff explained in an interview (via StarWars.com), “One of the things we wanted to do was get away from green screens and make the Star Wars TV scale work. And we knew we needed technical innovation to push the boundaries and provide a production solution. “Lucasfilm and ILM began doing auditions in June 2018, and soon learned there were two keys to making the volume work: choosing backgrounds carefully so they didn’t feel special and distant, and ensuring consistent lighting to match the actors’ performance. Against these 3D backgrounds. Some actors found that The experience is difficult; Bill Burr got dizzy because of”If the camera moves behind me, things behind you move. You get dizzy. “He believed that this actually helped his performance, as he was forced to focus more closely on the other actors.

Both Marvel and Star Wars have abused volume

bull love and thunder picture

The folder was successful for The MandalorianUnfortunately, it’s now being rolled out very widely, and production teams unfamiliar with it. Sometimes the wallpapers are not chosen correctly, which makes them look flat and distant. In terms of structure, the volume lends itself to scenes with a certain layout, where the main characters are grouped together in the foreground. While experienced people improve the technology, as evidenced by the best photos of the second season of The MandalorianMany other directors don’t seem to focus enough on the lighting, which means that the performers in the foreground feel like they’ve just been glued to a background.

Even worse, when the cameras move and the background changes, the actors feel that “vertigo“Describe Bohr and focus so closely on each other that it doesn’t seem natural. Volume is a good tool in skilled hands, but it’s also new, which means a lot of production teams are still getting used to it, and there’s a risk of overusing it. Right to avoid it, b lokiProduction designer Kasra Farhani explains the volume.Just wasn’t super creativeto display it.

Overall, though, Disney Studios seems to be upping the ante, which is understandable, as it’s an alternative to costly location shoots — there’s also savings on set bandages, as backgrounds are entirely CGI-created by VFX artists, who aren’t bound into unions and thus have no collective bargaining for better wages and conditions. Folder restrictions are starting to appear, using Obi-Wan Kenobi It was criticized for over-reliance on the same scene layouts and flat and muted lighting. Thor: Love and Thunder It was heavily criticized for CGI as well, with the actors feeling completely disconnected from their environments.

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Will Disney’s problems with scale be fixed?

Thor Love and Thunder Omnipotence City Outdoor

Looking back at the bullet examples then the matrix And the symbol pictureTheir effect on 3D, innovations are usually imitated, and at first, imitations are usually not as good as the original. Directors, producers, and cinematographers are new to technology, which means they make mistakes that the original crew avoided. The problems decrease as more people grow in experience; Moreover, studios are gradually beginning to realize that it is not always necessary and encourage its use when appropriate rather than pushing it in bulk. critical response to Obi-Wan Kenobi And the Thor: Love and Thunder Perhaps it’s part of that process, encouraging studios to avoid repeating these mistakes and warning production teams that volume is a tool, not a master.

However, there is one major difference between the scale and earlier innovations; It is largely paid for by one company, Disney – although it’s worth noting that volume was used Batman like that. This means that bugs are more concentrated at the moment, especially affecting the MCU and star Wars. But different teams will gradually find out when and how they should use the folder, which means that a balance will be found.

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