Glorious trailer sees JK Simmons and Ryan Kwanten take the stage

In a teaser that is equal in parts blood and deception, Rebecca McKendry She took a first look at her upcoming feature, GloriousIt is scheduled to land on Shudder later this summer. She is best known for her work behind other scary flicks including All creatures were moving And the Halloween talesMcKendry’s skill at blending comedy with horror will absolutely shine through in her latest project. To tell the story of one man’s entry into the endless universe through a hole of glory, the production tapped the talents of JK Simmons (injury) And the Ryan Kwanten (real blood).

Glorious It centers around a highly drunk man named Wes (Kwanten) who suffers from ill-advised symptoms of a hangover in a public bathroom. When he begins to hear a strange and omniscient voice (Simmons) coming from the booth’s glory hatch, Wes is drawn into a journey that no one will believe–that is, if he lives to tell the tale. The feature will see its main character grapple with his own mortality and the darkness that dwells within his brain.

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Eye-catching colors and images are everywhere in the teaser for this exciting and amazing movie. Although not much is revealed at the peek, it looks as if Simmons’ mysterious being in another world has a mission that Wes must complete and won’t let him leave until he does. Meanwhile, blood, horror, and dark humor will help shape the story of one man’s struggle with the glory pit everyone knows.

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Inspired by the works HP LovecraftAnd the Glorious Co-write it Joshua Hall (imitators), David Ian McKendry (All creatures were moving), And the Todd Rigney (is found). along with Glorious And for her previously mentioned projects, the McKendry name is synonymous with Fangoria, where she has worked for over a decade lending her talents to a large number of films and other entertainment outlets including podcasts. After her time at Fangoria, the filmmaker acquired several skills and began working at Blumhouse, where she was appointed as the editor-in-chief for Currently, Glorious It is preparing for the first time in Fantasia this year as one of the official selections for the festival. Alliance Media Partners and Fallback Plan Productions serve as co-producers of the genre-bending film alongside Eyebox Entertainment and Citizen Skull Productions.

Immerse yourself in a strange and unknown world Glorious In the trailer below and get ready to have your mind blown when Shudder swallows you up in the feature on August 18th.

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