Alison Argent returns to Teen Wolf: The Movie

Should be one of the most anticipated panels at San Diego Comic Con this weekend Teen Wolf: The Moviea continuation of the hugely popular MTV series Teen Wolf which ran from 2011 to 2017. The panel featured several cast members for the upcoming Paramount+ release, all owned by Collider. Ross Bonemi He was on the floor to hear him.

Perhaps the most exciting announcement, especially for those of us uniquely ravaged by acne, was the news that Alison Argent played, Crystal RedYou will make her return to the world Teen Wolf. This comes as a huge surprise because Allison was killed in a fight in season 3, and she died in Scott (Tyler Posey) while professing her love for him. Although Reid was not present on the committee, she was reportedly so excited to be back in the role of Allison, she broke down in tears when she found out.

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Teen Wolf: The Movie He will see many of the original actors returning to their roles. In addition to Posey and Reed, the film will also feature Hulan Rudin Like Lydia Martin, Shelley Hennig Like Malia Tate, Tyler Hoechlin like Derek Hill, Orne Adams Like coach Bobby Weinstock, Linden Ashby Like Noah Stelinsky, J.R. Born Like Chris Argent, Seth Gilliam like dr. Dayton, Colton Haynes Like Jackson Whitmore, Ryan Kelly Like Jordan Parrish, Melissa Ponzio Like Melissa McCall, Dylan Sprayberry Like Liam Dunbar Khelen Rambo Like Mason Hewitt and Ian Bohen Like Peter Hill.

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Photography Teen Wolf: The Movie It ran from March to May this year, and is expected to hit Paramount+ in October. Jeff Davis, who created the series, returned to the world of Beacon Hill as a screenwriter and executive producer, putting together familiar faces who returned in the second round. However, members cast Dylan O’BrienAnd the Arden ChoAnd the Cody Christian They will not be reprising their old roles as Stiles, Kira, and Theo respectively. As sad as it is that they didn’t appear, fans can still take comfort in the fact that the movie will be filled with many old favorites – even those who didn’t expect to see them again.

There is currently no exact release date Teen Wolf: The Movie. In the meantime, you can now watch Alison’s death scene while taking comfort in the fact that she’s actually coming back:

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