Draymond Green stirs controversy with Miles Bridges video


Miles Bridges, left, and Draymond Green

Over the course of his NBA career, and certainly in the past couple of months in particular, Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green has known a thing or two about controversy. But this week, a video emerged of Green training with a player, described by a league executive as a “pari for the time being,” Hornets striker Miles Bridges.

The video is from coach Travis Walton’s Instagram account and only shows a short side clip. This, in and of itself, is not controversial. Controversial, however, is the fact that Bridges is involved in a very public domestic violence case involving his girlfriend.

Has The indictment in Los Angeles On Wednesday, Bridges pleaded not guilty to three counts of domestic violence, accusing him of assaulting his girlfriend, Michelle Johnson, in front of their two children. He was arrested on 29 June and his case continued until 19 August.

Green has a long-term relationship with Bridges, who followed Green to Michigan State before being drafted into the NBA. Back when Green retired his Spartans jersey in 2019, Bridges Send a message saying“If anyone deserves his shirt retirement, it’s you. Everything you’ve done for me, everything you’ve done for college, shows the kind of person you are.”

Nobody will deal with this situation

Of course, there is still a lot to be settled with Bridges, his family, his legal status and how it relates to his NBA career. He had a breakout season last year, averaging 20.2 points, 7.0 rebounds and 3.8 assists, and was on the line for a big contract as a limiting free agent this summer. But the severity of the charges he faces have been amplified by Johnson’s forced posts on social media.

“No one is going to broach this situation at the moment,” one of the league’s executives told Heavy Sports. “He is an outcast at the moment. There are a lot of matters to be settled legally but your biggest concern should be with the young woman and the children.”

Bridges will likely be on the Hornets next season, because he received a qualifying bid of $7.9 million for next season, which was part of the process of making him a free agent. According to NBA reporter Mark Stein, the Hornets did not withdraw the qualifying bid.

“It’s hard to see anyone come out to get it,” Heavy Sports NBA’s Steve Ballpitt said in a video interview. “Now we definitely need to wait for everything to come out.” their work so that any move they make as a part is backed by evidence.”

NBA What’s next for Carmelo Anthony, Miles Bridges and the Miami Heat?Heavy Sports’ Steve Ballpit talks about Lakers’ Carmelo Anthony, Miles Bridges’ status, and the Miami Heat with editor Sean Daveney.2022-07-22 T14:44:02Z

The NBA can suspend bridges

Ultimately, the NBA could suspend Bridges for any period of time it sees fit, although Bridges is unlikely to be suspended for more than a year. The longest domestic violence suspension came in 2014 when Jeffrey Taylor was suspended for 24 games.

According to the CBA, Commissioner Adam Silver will appoint a three-person panel to investigate the case independently, with Bridges asking for cooperation. The league could put Bridges on furlough during the investigation, which could keep him off the Hornets floor, but that time counts for any subsequent suspension.


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