Huge doubt surrounds Payton Pritchard’s role in Celtics: Sources


Payton Pritchard of the Boston Celtics.

The Boston Celtics made some really important additions this summer. After reaching the NBA Finals last year, Brad Stevens acted quickly off the season, improving on the bench and adding more depth to an already contending roster.

he is Italian striker Danilo Gallinari signed After it was traded by the Atlanta Hawks and ceded to the San Antonio Spurs. Stevens then followed up the move by trading five players with the Indiana Pacers in exchange for combo guard Malcolm Brogdon.

However, the downside to Brogdon’s trade was that this move pushed young guard Payton Pritchard further down into the depth chart. In fact, an anonymous coach at the Western Conference said there may be some concern about whether or not Pritchard will get minutes next season.

“Some of that depth may struggle to get into the field,” wrote’s Steve Ballpitt, who spoke with the coach. “One Western Conference coach for Heavy questioned how much space was available for Peyton Pritchard. He didn’t play much at the start of last season, with Dennis Schroeder taking most of the reserve minutes on guard, but Pritchard took the lead after the Schroeder deal.”

Pritchard could end up struggling to gain playing time like he did at the start of last season. However, the coach said he loves Pritchard’s game.

The coach compares Richard to the young goalkeeper

While the coach has expressed some skepticism about Pritchard’s standing in the Boston rotation, he also said he loves the Celtics’ goalkeeper game. Compare Pritchard to Pacers goalkeeper T.J. McConnell, only with one major piece McConnell missing from his game.

“I’ve been watching it for a long time,” said the coach. “Payton Pritchard is TJ McConnell with a jump shot, and that’s the guy you want on your team.

Once he started getting regular minutes last season, Pritchard played well. In 71 appearances he appeared, Pritchard He averaged 6.2 points, 1.9 rebounds, and 2.0 assists 42.9% from the field and 41.2% from behind the three-point line.

He expanded on this idea while also doubling his thoughts on Pritchard’s place in Boston’s current spin.

Pritchard proved the skeptics wrong

The anonymous coach spoke about how Pritchard defied the odds and proved the skeptics wrong. Despite his size, Pritchard has managed to make it into the NBA, but with Boston’s depth for next year, the coach still believes Pritchard could have problems.

“He was that guy that people always said wasn’t big enough, he wasn’t fast enough, he wasn’t athletic enough. But no one found out he had huge balls and he was clever,” the coach explained. I’m only interested to know how he fits in there if it’s Brogdon and [Derrick] White takes the most [backcourt] Leave from the bench.”

Marcus Smart is expected to be Boston’s starter again, with Brogdon and White both set to be on the bench. After that, Pritchard will get stuck fighting for scraps behind them. It would be an uphill battle for him to earn rotational minutes on a regular basis.


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