New Year’s photo reveals first look at 9 miscreants

The new Spider-Man: SDCC Freshman Year reveals the first look at nine villains from the highly anticipated TV animated series.

new Spider-Man: Year One The image reveals a first look at the nine villains of the highly anticipated TV animated series. The new Disney+ show will be included in Marvel’s growing list of side-by-side animation projects Marvel’s What If…?And the marvel zombiesAnd the X-Men 97continuation of the original X-Men An animated series from 1992. Spider-Man: Year One It is set to chronicle the beginning of Peter Parker’s journey growing up in the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man that grows in Queens, New York to love.

Originally announced in November 2021, the upcoming Disney+ show was supposed to be a prequel series for Tom Holland’s MCU version of Web-slinger. However, new information from this year’s San Diego Comic-Con has revealed that the series will not be in the MCU canon. It was recently announced that Tom Holland will also not be participating in the show to voice the titular character. However, it was recently confirmed that Daredevil will be included in the series with Charlie Cox, the MCU representative for the character, voicing the role.

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In a recent social media post from Eren | Caboose (CabooseEK)Photo from Spider-Man: Year One A panel at San Diego Comic-Con reveals nine villains included in the upcoming animated show. Doctor Octopus stands front and center in the rogue gallery with several Marvel villains like Chameleon and The Scorpion behind him. Harry Osborne, who takes on the mantle of the Green Goblin in the comics, will also be included in the show, although he has not appeared on this set. Check out what’s new Spider-Man: Year One picture below.

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As with the overall aesthetic of Spider-Man: Year OneThe villains are illustrated in a style similar to the old Marvel comic books while maintaining a modern appeal. Dr. Octopus wears a green and yellow costume dating back to his iconic suit from his original introduction to the Silver Age of Marvel Comics. However, The Scorpion’s full-body battle suit appears to have gotten a technological upgrade since its debut in The Amazing Spider-Man No. 20 in 1965.

With a slew of villains being included in the upcoming show, Spider-Man will have his time to shine as he begins to understand his superpowers. Including enemies that have never appeared in the MCU, the show will also introduce a large portion of the audience to characters that only the most devoted Spider-Man fans will know. The audience can see Doctor Octopus in action when Spider-Man: Year One It arrives at Disney+ in 2024.

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source: Eren | Caboose (CabooseEK)

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