Ex-Sixers Stars Leave Doc Rivers Amid Reunion Rumors


Former Clipper Lou Williams won two Man of the Year awards under Doc Rivers in Los Angeles.

Lou Williams continues to be one of the leading free agents looking for a home. Three-time man of the year dead-scorer off the bench, instant attacking, perfect to fill in the Philadelphia 76er rotation.

Williams is still not signed as a free agent and could be the source of the spark Doc Rivers needs. The player and coach are fond of each other too. Williams spent three seasons playing with Rivers when the two were together On the Los Angeles Clippers. Williams received two of the three Sixth Man of the Year awards under Rivers’ direction.

The relationship proved very beneficial to Williams who was Thinking of retirement in time. He had just been replaced from the Rockets to the Clippers – his third team in six months; He didn’t feel wanted. Rivers helped “revitalize” Williams by unleashing him offensively, with valuable input from then-Clippers assistant Sam Cassel.

The coaching staff struggled hard to gain his trust after Williams announced he didn’t want to be there too soon. That’s what Williams He told Draymond Green About rivers:

Call me Doctor, are you there yet? No, I’m on my way to the airport. Turn around, he said, I want to talk to you. So, I turn around, go back to the gym, and it’s like what happened to you? I like, what do you mean? It’s like your energy, I don’t really feel it. If you know Doc, he doesn’t pack any punches. He loves, I don’t feel like it.

He said, don’t you want to be here? I said, I don’t. I said, I’ve been traded twice in six months. It’s like you’re not on my radar. I wasn’t a big fan of clippers. They are facing all this turmoil in the media with Doc and DJ [DeAndre Jordan] And Blake [Griffin] And all with Chris [Paul]. Brother, I don’t want to be a part of this.

It’s like, we seem to reset and revitalize us. I don’t know what I need to tell you, but this will be your home. And I’ll let you be yourself, and we’re going to do something special here. And Doc told me that first day. And for whatever reason, I believed him. For whatever reason, I bought. And running clippers is the best I’ve ever felt playing basketball throughout my career…it was just a special time in my career.

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“Sweet Lou” was penned by the Sixers out of high school

Williams also has strong relationships with The city of brotherly love Where he spent his first seven seasons. The Sixers took him 45th in the 2005 draft, straight from South Gwinnett High School. He took over the starting point guard duties the following year after trading Allen Iverson. “His idol” and the reason for his whole being.

“He is my idol,” Williams said of Iverson. “It all depends on the image he creates. I worshiped the land that this man walked on.”

The 35-year-old got to play alongside Iverson for one season before sending the future Hall of Famer to Denver. Williams cherished his time at Philly, saying he “got a break” by enlisting there. why? Because he thought he was going #29 to Miami but he slipped into the second round. The Sixers took the opportunity because Williams was involved in the same agent as their then coach, Mo Chix.

“I got a break with Philly because my agent was like Mo Chix at the time, who was his coach, so they really did me a favor,” Tell Williams Green. “They forged me in favor of the relationship between Mo and my agent. They thought I was talented, so it was low risk, high reward for them, take a chance on me, and spend the first eight years of my career in Philly.”

Homecoming for Williams in Philly?

Williams is still not signed to the free agency. it fit In 56 games last season for the Atlanta Hawks in a one-year deal worth $5 million. It’s been a year Williams said “don’t count” on his autobiography. It wasn’t suitable for his talents, even though he managed to Teacher Tra Young.

He didn’t want to go back to Atlanta – nothing personal there – but he wouldn’t rule out returning if a good situation emerged elsewhere. He is also okay to stay at home in Georgia and raise his family, and take care of his children.

“I’ve got a lot of things in the house that could use my time and energy,” Williams said. “So if it doesn’t make sense, I’m not interested in it. But I definitely still want to play. I still enjoy it. I still have the desire to play. I still have the desire to be on the road with guys and try to make memories, so if The phone is ringing.”

Sixers president Daryl Morey should probably pick up the phone and make that call. Williams can give them 20 “Dice Rolled” Minutes off the bench each night, placing 12-15 points per game while getting “energized” in Rivers’ system. It is worth a call.


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