Meta Quest 2 will go up in price by $100 next month

However, you can get a free copy of Beat Saber.

Meta has announced that it will raise the price of the Meta Quest 2 VR headset starting next month. As of August 1, the system price will increase from $299.99 to $399.99 for the 128GB version and from $399.99 to $499.99 for the 256GB version. Meta Quest accessories and refurbished units will also see a price increase.

In a tweet from Meta Quest’s official Twitter account, the company explained the reason for the price increase so it can “continue investing in driving the VR industry forward in the long-term.” in separate blog post On the official Meta Quest website, the company also explains that the costs of setting up and shipping each system have gone up, which could also point to a more rationale.

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As a consolation prize, Meta Quest is giving away the popular VR Beat Saber title for free with every purchase of new headphones through the end of the year, though some suggest it barely makes up for the $100 price increase of the system itself. Some are also speculating that this is Meta’s attempt to make more money from new customers, as the price increase is in line with the company’s previous announcement that it will be ditching Facebook logins next month as well.

While that’s not the best news for those looking to get their hands on the Meta Quest 2 in the coming months, it’s good news for Sony that recently showcased some new features that will be included in PSVR 2. It will allow gamers to see what’s outside their headphones thanks to two cameras in the PSVR. Introduction and players will even be able to customize their own playing areas within the game. We don’t know the price of the PSVR2 yet, but Sony will undoubtedly be pleased that its competition is getting more expensive.

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