NASCAR issues massive penalty to Michael McDowell’s team


NASCAR has issued heavy penalties to Team #34.

The Sanctions Authority has once again shown its willingness to drop the gavel during the Next Generation Era. NASCAR issued L2-Level penalties to the #34 Front Row Motorsports team after Michael McDowell finished sixth at Pocono Raceway.

NASCAR issued a press release On July 26, he explained in detail the sanctions. The statement stated that Team Penalty #34 falls under Sections 14.1 C, D and Q of the NASCAR rulebook, as well as Sections 14.5 A and B. These sections cover vehicle assembly and modification of a single source supplied part.

NASCAR didn’t announce which part broke the rule, but the mechanic/writer Bozy Tatarivic’s feet more information. He said he’s heard that FRM uses filler on the body panel gap, which is more awful than the tape used on cars #11 and #18 for Joe Gibbs’ race at Pocono Raceway.

This L2 penalty results in a loss of 100 driver points and 100 owner points. In addition, NASCAR fined crew chief Blake Harris before he was suspended from the events of the next four Cup Series. He will be eligible to return for the regular season finale at Daytona International Speedway on August 27.

If McDowell wins one of the following five races and earns a place in the playoffs, his team will receive another penalty. The L2 penalty also includes a 10 break point loss, which would automatically drop him below the round of 16 limit.

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No. 34 returned to the R&D center

Michael McDowell

GTMichael McDowell racing at Bristol Motor Speedway.

This penalty follows a post-race decision by NASCAR officials. They randomly selected No. 34 of Front Row Motorsports and No. 47 of GTG Dougherty Racing to undergo further evaluation. These stock cars returned to the NASCAR R&D Center with #11 and #18 ineligible entries from Joe Gibbs Racing.

NASCAR officials will randomly select cars to return to the Research and Development Center for further inspection after the races. This does not mean that those teams will receive penalties, but there is a possibility that the inspection will reveal an illegal modification. The most recent penalty report is an apt example given that nothing was out of line in No. 47 while the revised portion in No. 34 resulted in a massive penalty.

After the sanctions news, McDowell will now drop below the cap. Pocono left 20 with 447 points. He is now 26th and is 26th behind Stewart Haas Racing’s Cole Caster with 347 points.

New sanctions have become part of the next generation era

When NASCAR turned the page on the Next Generation Era, it announced that there would be some significant changes. One of the biggest was the addition of a new penalty system covering single-source parts.

The three-tier system includes a wide range of penalties including fines, loss of driver and owner points, and suspension. Flagrant violations can also result in the disqualification of the playoffs.

Since the new system was revealed, NASCAR has issued penalties to multiple teams. Both teams #42 and 43 from Petty GMS Motorsports received L1-level penalties prior to the race at Pocono, which included suspension of crew chiefs and a loss of 35 driver points and 35 owner points.

Team #6 at RFK Racing was the first to receive a massive penalty kick. NASCAR announced on March 24 that Brad Keselowski’s team had received an L2-Level penalty. The team lost 100 driver points and 100 owner points while crew chief Matt McCall received a $100,000 fine and a four-race suspension. This penalty also stemmed from a tearing up at the NASCAR R&D Center.

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