This cool trick will help you finish podcasts and audiobooks faster

Tired of slow audiobook narrators? Podcast queuing out of control? This simple tweak will help listeners get to titles faster.

people who have fun Podcasts And audiobooks on a regular basis you may find that there are too many episodes and titles to devour and you may want to go through their listening queue in a shorter amount of time. Some audiobooks take more than 20 hours to finish, leaving the listener stuck with them for weeks, possibly longer depending on how many hours they can devote to listening in a day. However, most audio players have a feature that allows users to cut an episode or chapter in half or more, which can be incredibly useful when you feel like it’s time to up the pace.

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There are many ways to listen to podcasts. Two of the most popular mobile audio apps that offer an extensive catalog of podcasts are Apple Podcasts – a favorite among iOS device users – and Spotify. As for audiobooks, Amazon’s Audible ranks first on the Apple App Store for ‘WroteAnd it has over 100 million downloads on Google Play. These three apps provide a way to speed up audio tracks, enabling listeners to finish titles in record time.

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Speeding up an audio track is an effective way to quickly navigate podcast episodes and audiobook chapters, but some listeners may have a harder time following what the speaker or narrator is saying. The way to make this technique work is to find a pace that is comfortable enough for the listener to keep following but faster than the usual spoken word pace. iPhone and iPad users who tend to Apple Podcasts can make the edit through the app’s settings while playing. Play file Podcasts app and start listening to an episode. Click on the little player at the bottom of the page to expand the volume controls and press “Playback speed” – it’s the number followed by an x ​​in the lower right corner. Keep clicking to choose a setting higher than 1x it’s normal to listen and remember that the higher the number (up to 2x), the faster you speak. spotify It has a similar loop acceleration process with the ability to do so up to 3.5x. Launch the Spotify app on any mobile device – this feature is not accessible via Spotify Desktop – and tap on “seekTo find something to listen to. Click play to start listening to the chosen podcast and tap the broadcast speed icon in the lower left corner of the screen (the number followed by an x) to change it to a faster speed. Again, choose a speed that’s not so fast that it’s hard to follow, but is 1x higher.

Speed ​​up books and podcasts on audio and other apps

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audible Subscribers can launch the mobile app or the cloud player on their desktop and adjust the narration speed up to 3.5x by tapping play in an audiobook or podcast episode. Tap on the title of the book to launch the playback control screen. While playing the track, press the button “SpeedIt’s in the lower left corner of the screen and select the desired narration speed. Increasing audiobook playback speed is great for bookworms because it enables them to “read” more chapters in a shorter amount of time. It’s also particularly useful for titles with slower speakers.

Those who don’t want to use Audible will likely find a similar narration speed setting in their audio app from the playback controls. Users will recognize it when they see a number followed by an x ​​— usually the default is 1x and they may have different maximum speeds available. It’s even available on Youtube, where a lot of podcast creators share video versions of their content. Depending on the device users are playing the video Podcasts In YouTube Playback Speed ​​setting can be accelerated up to 2x by clicking the three-dot icon in the top-right corner of the video (via the mobile app) or clicking the gear icon (desktop) on the playback control bar.

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