Tamra judge criticizes University College London graduate: ‘Back off with a ****’


Tamra Al-Qadi in 2022.

“Real Housewives of Orange County” star Tamra Judge will return to the show for the upcoming 17th season. Season 16 RHOC star Dr. Jane Armstrong shared her thoughts on the judge’s return while recording a song July 2022 episode of the “Behind The Velvet Rope” podcast.

“This is good for Tamra. I don’t know if she had anything else going on but she really, really wanted her good back. Well, you know, that’s okay, Armstrong said.

The CEO of Advanced Skincare Dermatology and Plastic Surgery, who was dropped from “RHOC” after the 16th season, said she had not had a personal relationship with Judge. She also noted that she did not enjoy watching the mother of four when she was on “RHOC.”

“It was hard to watch Tamra was a bit like – I like watching people who can articulate, who I can talk to. Everyone is like ‘ah’ not really something… I don’t like that behaviour, not so much of that behaviour, no. No. I even know what I’d do if you threw up with me. Can you imagine? Like what if she was like ah. Like do you need a sedative? Can I help you, do you need therapy?” said the mother of three with a laugh.

The judge addressed Armstrong’s comments while recording A July 2022 episode of her podcast, “Two Ts In A Pod” It was co-hosted by Teddy Mellencamp Arroyaf, star of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”.

Tamra judge shared her opinion on Dr. Jane Armstrong

Dr. Jane Armstrong's Divorce

GTDr.. Jane Armstrong.

During the episode “Two Ts In A Pod,” Judge said she was unhappy with Armstrong’s remarks.

“I don’t know her so how do you know what’s going on in my life? And by the way sweetie, I’d like to compare my tax returns with you because I have a lot going on in my life. I have a huge company, so back off b****,” said the co-founder of Vena CBD. And just like she says, she wants it so badly. How do you know I wanted it so badly when I was asked to come last season and I turned it down? So what makes her think I want it so badly? “

She then shared her belief that Armstrong was upset about not returning for season 17.

“I think it’s just another case of one Wonderland shooting, shooting and now she’s going to speak. I would say the whole conversation she had on this podcast was more exciting than her entire season on ‘OC’,” Judge stated.

The “RHOC” star also confirmed that Armstrong’s presence on “RHOC” was a “huge failure.”

Tamra judge spoke about Shannon Bedor on WWHL

Tamra judge

Charles Sykes / BravoTamra judge

During July 2022 Appearance in Watch What Happens with Andy Cohen,Judge said she has been in touch with “RHOC” star Shannon Bedor. As fans are aware, the co-actors broke out after Judge left “RHOC” after season 14.

“I haven’t seen Shannon in two years but we have had some text exchanges. Yesterday, it’s the latest,” the mother-of-four shared.

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