Charles Barkley gives a surprise acceptance to the Warriors


NBA analyst Charles Barkley.

Charles Barkley has long been known to be a cynic of the Golden State Warriors.

Fans will never forget when Barkley said the shooting jump team would never win a title. Now, Dubs has won four titles in eight years. Since then, the feud has been ongoing between Barkley and the franchise.

Over the years, he stirred the pot with Draymond Green as well. It was only recently when it was Husband finished beef and working side by side on TNT.

At this point, he seems to like to play heel to annoy warriors. The fans started Hymn “Barkley Sucks” After the first match against the Mavericks on May 20. After Game Five of the Western Conference Finals, some fans started throwing things onto the TNT scene, which infuriated Barkley, and apparently wanted revenge.

Charles Barclay keeps it real about one-time warriors

Among the news that Charles Barclay could join the controversial LIV Tour of golf, sat down with him Bay Area Sports NBC And Monty Paul talked about what he really thinks of the Warriors.

“Well, they’ve done a phenomenal job … they have great organisation, they have great players, and their general manager – what he does is unbelievable,” said Barkley. Dubs Talk podcast. “As I say, I didn’t even mention James Wiseman. Think about it, they have Wiseman, [Jonathan] cominga, [Jordan] pee , [Moses] Moody, this team can be great for a long time. I know that older players are getting older, but if these players can play, they can be really good for the next 10 years.”

Barclay rarely says positive things about Warriors in public. The compliments to Dubs’ front desk on how he put together the menu and created the culture is surprising from Chuckster.

The fact that even Barkley admits that the Warriors could be successful over the next decade says a lot about how awesome the team’s outlook is.

Barkley also believes the Clippers will be legitimate competitors there to compete against the Warriors if they can stay healthy.

β€œFor me, Clippers man, they are going to be really dangerous when they hit Kohi [Leonard] Paul George is back. They’ve done some deals last year and that’s really going to help them, but if they can get Kawhi and Paul George back, the Clippers will be great.”

Barkley admits he hates fans

During a popular Lake Tahoe golf tournament earlier in July, Barkley was honest and spoke about his hostility to Warriors fans. He said he had no problem with the squad’s players, but it was the fans that made him hate the franchise.

β€œI love warriors. I hate their fans,” he said. β€œI do. I love Steve and Clay. But I say, I really don’t like the fans. They are just terrible people. They were much better when they were in Auckland. They had great fans… they were great in Auckland.”

This will certainly continue to stir up fate among Warriors and Barkley fans, but he probably doesn’t care. If he returns to TNT, expect him to keep playing heels during the broadcast against the Warriors and target a lot of his venom toward the Warriors’ minions.


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