Leah Shirley responds to loss of custody of Amber Portwood


Leah Shirley, the daughter of alum Amber Portwood, was heartbroken after Judge Andrew Glennon ruled and full legal and physical custody of James.

Leah Shirley, daughter of alum Amber Portwood “Teen Mom OG”, is devastated after a judge ruled that Andrew Glennon has sole legal custody of James, her 4-year-old half-brother.

The decision means that Glennon can move James from Indiana – where Portwood and Shirley live – to California, where his family is. The judge asked Glennon to “take into account” Portwood’s opinion when making major life decisions for James, according to the sun.

Before releasing an official statement to her verified Instagram account, Portwood conveyed Leah’s feelings about family matters while responding to a fan.

“Lea and I have a great relationship today and it’s broken!” Portwood Books on Teen Mom Fanz . accountfor every Ashley Reality Report.

Portwood said she’s been sober for years

In another unfiltered comment, Portwood said James would suffer because of the court’s decision.

“I did everything I needed too including the treatment every week and adjusting the medications too” Portwood Books. “I have been mentally stable for years now. It is not acceptable to attack a person with mental disorders especially if they have been clean of substance for several years and have changed every offense.”

Portwood has been fighting for custody of James ever since she pleaded guilty Two felony counts Domestic beatings and intimidation after her arrest in July 2019. She was sentenced to nearly three years of probation, having completed 21 negative drug tests.

Portwood was released from probation in April 2022 after she paid a fine of more than $1,000 and completed a six-month domestic violence chapter, according to the the sun.

Burwood said James will suffer the most

In the end, Portwood said her 4-year-old son was hardest hit by her loss of custody.

“This is tragic and it is my son who will suffer the most when our lives are torn apart.” Portwood Books. “It is not right to assume that everything is true because it is not. I will not be kind about this situation anymore because none of this is right.”

Portwood said she has taken all steps to improve.

“If you change, stabilize and prove you’re consistent, that counts,” the Teen Mom OG expert wrote via Instagram. “This is a loss for all mothers who are changing for peace and love in their children’s lives…and even uprooted after years of struggling for something.”

Portwood feared James would miss her when he moved to California.

“This would be a tragedy for many people and my poor son now has to wonder where his mother is. This boy absolutely adores me and I have built beautiful relationships with my children today and am very present in their lives.” This is not a win for my son at all. I pray to God and for his grief and confusion. “

Although Portwood has posted about the situation at length, Glennon issued only a brief statement.

He said, “We have endured the nightmare.” e! News. “Now we have to live the dream.”


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