Chainsaw man meets Eri goodbye in new fantastic comedy for fans

A talented fan artist on Reddit has combined Chainsaw Man and Goodbye, Eri into a fan comedy Tatsuki Fujimoto fans need to read.

warning! Contains spoilers for chainsaw man Part 1!

A talented artist on Reddit has created an amazing comic for fans that combines the Mangaka Tatsuki Fujimoto series chainsaw man in one stroke Bye, Eri. Fujimoto is one of the most popular and unique mangaka in recent years. While his works vary greatly, Bye, Eri And the chainsaw man You have some common elements that this comic makes perfect use of.

chainsaw man It is a manga that follows Denji, a young boy who makes a deal with the Chainsaw demon and becomes the titular Chainsaw Man, able to sprout chainsaws from his body to fight other demons for the government. bye byeI, on the other hand, is a much more coherent and mysterious work, which follows an ambitious young director named Utah who makes films about his ailing mother and secretly sick friend Airy. Denji and Utah are quite similar, both are somewhat immature and have to deal with dark and even harsh situations. Their manga reflects their childhood, with both works becoming obsessed with the scenery and the power of movies. Both stories are also tinged with tragedy, as most of Denji’s friends are killed by the machinations of Control Devil Makima and Yuta’s mother and friend die of fatal illnesses. One Reddit user somehow took all these similarities and used them to create the perfect blend of manga.

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In a fan comic called “Go Out With A Bang”, reddit user u / ragumba imagine chainsaw man As a movie series Dungey makes. The series ends with a twist of the scene where Power originally dies in the manga, where she and Denji instead escape from Makima and Makima’s apartment, which explodes behind them. After the movie, Dungey records the reactions of several actors who have appeared in the movies and who act very similarly to their characters. This allows readers to see a world in which many of their favorite characters such as Aki and Reese are still alive and behaving like their usual selves. And the manga ends in a shockingly perfect moment, just like Bye, Eri she did.

Raggumba perfectly emulates Fujimoto’s art style and highlights all of the characters’ personalities as well, making the fan comic feel like an actual alternate ending to chainsaw man. In addition to carrying out an almost complete execution, the idea of ​​u200bu200bthe story itself is genius. chainsaw man And the Bye, Eri Sharing similar topics, so mixing them up feels natural. Combining Denji and Yuta into one character is great, and while Power and Eri don’t quite unite either, they share other defining traits that reveal choosing to be perfect by the end of the fan comics. The end of the comic also shows that Raggumba shares Fujimoto’s ability to catch her readers by surprise in the best and worst ways.

All fans of Fujimoto’s work should read this fan comic because it’s an amazing feat that reads as one of the official manga. Beyond that, it can allow readers to imagine a world in which some of their favorite characters are still alive and haven’t actually endured the suffering they endured in the main series. with part 2 of chainsaw man Focusing on a new cast of characters, the Raggumba comic is an ideal read for fans who want to read about Denji and the various other characters from Part One all over again as well as those who enjoy Fujimoto’s other works such as Bye, Eri.

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source: u / ragumba

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