Erin McGregor opens up about her concerns about air travel with her autistic son

The mother-of-two broke down in tears as she admitted that she was consumed with anxiety before traveling to Spain with Harry, who does not speak and has been previously diagnosed with sensory problems.

Erin, who is the sister of UFC fighter Conor McGregor, has detailed her concerns in her Instagram Stories.

“The anxiety literally reaches my neck,” she said.

Harry and I are traveling today and I was thinking ‘I’m not going around and telling everyone how I didn’t sleep because I’m thinking what if he sleeps on the plane and I have to go down the stairs?’

“Should I pick up the stroller and carry a sleeping baby? Who is going to help me carry all the bags on the stroller and then push the stroller out to meet my family?”

“Who is going to help me do all that? What happens if he has an absolute meltdown?” she continued.

“I couldn’t get ice cubes for a pizza, I have to call the doctor to get his prescription…if the plane noise is too big and I have nowhere to run?”

Erin said that’s what people don’t understand about having a child with special needs.

“I also know that when I talk about sensory diet, about how special the food is…as if that food wasn’t the right brand, cooked at the right temperature, it wouldn’t eat.”

“It’s like he’s not going to eat, the aftermath, the effect starts, the convulsions start, and then he really weighs the senses and he’s in so much pain he can’t tell us,” she explained.

“It literally takes us weeks to get it back on and his system working again.”

“To another person it might sound like ‘Oh my God, she makes a big deal out of pizza,’ but I’m really not. People say, ‘Oh it’s great’ — and it’s great because I make sure it’s great.”

The 41-year-old said she has to think ahead about all the logistics when it comes to Harry.

“Every child with special needs is completely different, you have to meet your child’s needs and needs,” she said.

“When I go out of the country or go anywhere I don’t have my safe place [where we] Shut the doors, that’s what Terry and I do.”

Erin explained that stress can cause spouses to clash with each other.

“It’s really nervous because I’m going on my own. It’s all things that people might not see.”

She pleaded with people to be more kind and patient with parents at the airport and asked her followers to understand.

“I will meet [special assistance team at the airport]I explained, before bursting into tears.

“I still struggle with that and I have to be honest about it and they are my feelings and they are valid.”

Erin, speaking loudly to herself, shared: “Okay, I’ve had a bit of a cute one now… I’m fine now… I’m going to have a great time, Harry’s going to be great on the plane I just know.”

“Let’s go autism team,” she added.

“Today I learned the Spanish word for autism and I’m thinking how far I’ve come.”

“Just in case, I don’t know why I need to know that in Spanish – Autismo – just in case they start bothering me today via security or something… He took off his ear defenders,” she explained.

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