Sean McVeigh Shares “S**” Learn From The Legend Of Ramez


Shawn McVeigh during the 2022 Rams boot camp at UC Irvine.

Sean McVeigh had mixed feelings on “Back Together Saturday” on July 30 as he watched his practice at the Los Angeles Rams – in a way that still leaves the coach positive and optimistic. More than remember what a former ram legend once told him that he shared after the session.

So how did this practice emerge that made the Year 6 coach think about what one of the Rams legends had told him?

McVeigh saw offense one up for defense: one with Allen Robinson pulling into a red zone while sandwiched between two defenders and another with Cooper Cobb involved bringing down the high side capture point. The head coach, however, saw battering passes and defense swarming the midfielders in some 11v11 drills.

As an offensive tool, watching the defense get a better finish to an attack led by McVeigh can often frustrate McVeigh. However, at the same time, watching his defense give up big plays like what Rob and Coop pulled at Crawford Field can sometimes tap into McVeigh’s sentiments.

But McVeigh was still discreet and pleased with the energy on display on the UC Irvine campus. Not only did the Rams respond in the way he envisioned, but he was also reminded of advice from the former Rams legend… which McVeigh shared with the media including Heavi.

lewd motive

That drive came with an expletive from the mouth and wisdom of the Rams’ first coach to win the Super Bowl.

“Dick Vermeil told me a long time ago as soon as you realized that being a head coach meant dealing with a bunch of laughs anyway,” McVeigh joked, laughing at the media in Los Angeles. “Coach Vermeil is the best.”

But overall, McVeigh said, Saturday’s session saw the Rams bring in strong energy and enthusiasm while in front of the Rams House crowd that filled the seats at the UCI.

“They did a good job,” McVeigh continued. They are back ready to go. Our guys always respond in the right way There will always be things, when you challenge each other in a positive way, there will always be some things that naturally irritate you as a head coach. But that’s because of the trust I have with these guys.”

Along with a coaching joke from the Super Bowl 34 winning coach, McVay also shared another coaching humor in how he handles gaps in attack and defense.

“I’ve been joking with people that you can never be happy as a head coach because if the defense puts in a great show, you’re angry at the attack but if the offense puts in a great play, you’re angry at the defense,” McVeigh said.

However, Back Together Saturday saw McVeigh’s team take steps forward.

“But you know what, it was better. It was a step in the right direction. That’s what you’ve always wanted to be able to see,” McVeigh said.

Key of Rams is noticeably written not in the squad

There was no spectacle of Van Jefferson filling up on an 80-degree day on the UCI turf football field.

McVeigh, however, said the Rams are “finding out” in connection with why Jefferson was unable to practice and declined to give details of what his absence entailed. A follow-up question was asked if Jefferson’s knee, which bothered him at the end of last season, was the reason his third year wasn’t on the roads with his team.

“I’ll get more information for you later,” McVeigh said. “Like I said, I don’t have anything now.”

Ben Skoronek and Toto Atwell were widely seen sophomores getting some first-team representatives in Jefferson’s absence.

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