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An example of how other recovery tools compare to GFP-GAN. Wang, Li, Zhang, Shan

We have reached a point where AI photo recovery tools have become relatively popular. But if you want to fix a family photo for free, you will almost certainly get shocking results. That’s why Tencent AI researchers have launched GFP-GAN, a free and open source recovery tool that takes just seconds to repair an old photo.

GFP-GAN (Generative Facial Generative Adversarial Network) is completely unique. Unlike most AI recovery tools, it aims to repair old photos without obscuring the identity of their subject. That means eliminating noise, correcting wrinkles, bringing out detail, and improving color with just a little bit of guesswork.

As you can see in the images above, GFP-GAN does not add much to the images. It simply cleans things up and, when necessary, fills in some gaps. Target people do not lose their facial hair or turn into a stranger. That’s partly thanks NVIDIA’s StyleGAN-2, which Tencent researchers use in conjunction with their GFP-GAN model. (NVIDIA’s latest model waves in 2020 when recreated backmanCard game, from scratch. He’s good at making safe, educated guesses.)

Now, AI recovery tools are never perfect, and GFP-GAN does its fair share of guesswork. Tencent researchers warn that recovered images may not be a satisfactory resolution, and that in some cases, family members may look a little turning off. If you are unlucky, they may switch to someone else.

Could you Try GFP-GAN now in your browser or Download the source code in github. In theory, anyone could use and modify GFP-GAN for different tasks or combine it with new software.

Source: Tencent via Engadget

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