You could be paying more for PS5 soon

Sony has refused to confirm or decline a PlayStation 5 price increase. With chips in short supply, a console price hike may be inevitable.

With prices across the board, the price of a PlayStation 5 It could go up soon. Although Sony hasn’t announced plans to raise the price of the PS5, with the current chip shortage, PS5 scarcity, and rising costs for all kinds of products, a console price hike seems inevitable. While the price increase would be disappointing, it could make it easier to get a PS5.

Since its release, the PS5 has been difficult to track down. The scarcity of the console was blamed on a shortage of chips, which were described as the “brain” of an electronic component. Producing these tiny chips, which contain billions of transistors, is a complex process that requires time and expertise. The PS5 was discontinued years ago, but due to this persistent shortage, Sony has not met its PS5 production goals.

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When asked whether or not the price of the console will go up, Sony’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki said there was nothing specific he could share about the future of the PS5 (as stated in a report. VGC). However, as costs increase for a variety of electronic products and the price of a console’s GPU is likely to rise, the higher price is definitely within the range of possibility. While this prospect is worrying to many, it’s possible that paying more for the PS5 can reduce (or at least stabilize) the cost of PS5 games and accessories.

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For those lucky enough to track down the console, the PS5 (with drive) costs $499.99. However, since major retailers rarely have the console in stock, and often limit PS5 restocks to single-day events, many players buy the console from resellers. Unless one has the patience, know-how and time to get a PS5 at basic cost, buying a console from a seller costs between $600-$1,000. If Sony raises the cost of PS5s, there is a chance that fewer consoles will be purchased by sellers, making PS5 easier to get (for those who want to pay the increased cost). With the threat of scammers, the pressure of eBay auctions, and brokers often charging PS5 exorbitant prices, most consumers prefer to buy consoles directly from retailers.

With the console’s specifications and performance, $499.99 is an incredibly fair price. The AMD Navi PlayStation 5 GPU is equivalent in performance to GPUs with a base price of $399.99. Although Sony has access to cheaper components from consumers, it’s possible that Sony’s primary source of profit comes from PS5 games, not the console itself. If the console production cost increases, consumers will pay the difference regardless. However, without comment from Sony, the PlayStation 5unknown future.

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source: VGC

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