5 Best GPS Dog Trackers for 2022


What to look for in GPS Dog Tracker in 2022

Many products on the market promise to keep track of your pets in case they go missing. Some are specifically designed for pet tracking, others are generic trackers. The right type of tracker depends on your use case, but to track your dog we have only included trackers that use GPS technology.

Devices like Apple AirTags They are not included here because they do not use GPS technology to locate them. GPS trackers are more expensive and have a much shorter battery life than bluetooth trackers, but you get instant and accurate location data for your pet.

Speaking of battery life, GPS trackers can vary greatly from one device to another. Part of this depends on the size of the tracker, which affects battery size, but additional features like Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity usually mean the device is more power hungry. Some trackers, such as those used with hounds, offer only half a day of battery life. General purpose GPS trackers may need to be recharged every few days.

Then there are two general types of GPS trackers. The first contains a cellular modem and a SIM card. GPS is a one-way network, so you need some way to send these coordinates back to the dog owner.

Using cellular data is generally the best way because cellular coverage is generally massive. However, these services almost always have subscription fees, usually those that quickly dwarf how much you’ve spent on the tracker itself.

The second type of tracker does not have a cellular modem and in most cases does not require a subscription. Instead, the tracker uses the radio to communicate with the unit you keep with you. However, the downside to these wireless trackers is that you are usually limited to only a few miles of coverage.

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Radio trackers are used with working dogs for hunting, search and rescue, or any situation where you are close to dogs, but you can’t always keep your eyes on them. A tracker or tracking collar is only half the cost, since you also need to purchase a receiver. However, receivers can usually track multiple dogs, so you don’t need to buy several of them.

Aside from basic tracking, many dog ​​trackers, regardless of type, have additional features. Geofencing, for example, is a common additional feature on these trackers and can alert you when an animal has left a specific area. There may be apps that can track your dog’s behavior and fitness activities.

The tracker may also have other technologies besides GPS to improve its accuracy so that you can determine the exact direction of the animal as you approach the GPS coordinates. Whether these additional features are worth paying for depends on why you want a tracker in the first place.

Now that you’ve figured out what to look for in a GPS dog tracker, here are the top five available today.

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Tractive GPS Tracker on a green background


  • good price
  • Works with AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Viaero USA
  • Works with any collar
  • Works all over the world
  • waterproof


  • Subscription required

The Traactive LTE GPS Dog Tracker It is probably the most full-featured tracker you can buy. It offers live tracking as long as your dog is within cellular coverage, location history and virtual fence, so you’ll be alerted if your pet escapes or is stolen.

One very cool feature is compatibility with almost all carriers in the United States, and carriers in more than 150 countries around the world. So if you are traveling abroad, just choose a compatible SIM at your destination and never worry about losing your pet in a foreign country.

Aside from having all the features almost anyone would need, Tractive is water resistant and sturdy. There are problems with your dog running in the river or rolling in the mud and shortening his collar.

Battery life is great too, lasting up to 6 days According to users. The required subscription starts at $5 per month, which isn’t the highest price we’ve seen. As long as you don’t mind paying a subscription, this is a great tracker for your dog.

Best GPS Dog Tracker app overall

Tractive Waterproof Dog GPS Tracker

The Tractive is everything you want in a GPS dog tracker. From the universal coverage to the waterproof design, this is an ideal tracker for most users.

Best tracker for small dogs: Geobit

Two dogs wearing Jiobit cards


  • too small
  • Long battery life
  • Intelligent features such as geolocation and location-based alerts
  • bluetooth proximity tracking


  • Subscription required
  • May require additional accessories attached depending on your pet
  • The price

The Jiobit tracker It has a few things that make it stand out from the pack. They are much smaller than the competition, so if you have a small dog or cat, this is a light and comfortable option for them.

Despite its small size, it has a much better battery life than other larger trackers. Jiobit measures battery endurance for up to two weeks, which is at least double what we’ve seen from other GPS trackers. Jiobit also has a lot of smart functions in Android And the Iphone Application, including geolocation, motion history, and more.

Jiobit makes great use of Bluetooth technology. If your pet is close enough to a registered caregiver, you can track it via Bluetooth instead of GPS. If your pet gets lost, it can also use the strength of the Bluetooth signal as a more accurate indication of the dog’s distance from you.

Jiobit tracker is waterproof (not waterproof) and will work with almost any collar, although you may have to buy Additional Attachment Extensions Depending on what you want to cut. The device requires a subscription but does not need at least a SIM card for cellular service.

The data plan includes international data, so you can take your dog abroad to a supported country and you won’t have to do anything special to keep track of them. Subscriptions start at $15 for a monthly plan, but gradually get cheaper if you take a longer contract. A 6-month contract comes to $13 a month, and a 2-year contract will cost you $9 a month.

Petfon GPS Tracker on a gray background


  • no subscription
  • Combines several wireless technologies for real-time tracking


  • No cellular communication, it must be within the dog’s range
  • Relatively limited range
  • Battery life may be too short for some
  • high starting price

The Petfon GPS tracker It is a non-cellular device that uses its long-range radio technology to track your dog anywhere between 0.65 miles to 3.5 miles, depending on the density of the area.

This tracker is not intended to be used when you are away from home or when unsupervised. Instead, this is a tracker that you attach to your dog’s collar before leaving the house and going for a walk. There is a controller that you keep on you, and you connect to it via bluetooth Application on your phone.

Battery life is rated between eight and sixteen hours. You’ll also get a portable travel charging case, which can power the tracker up to three times. So if you start with a full tracker, it’s plenty of power to last until the next time you can charge it.

Finally, the unit is waterproof, durable, and contains an audio alarm and lights to help locate your pet when you’re close to them but can’t see them.

The biggest downside to the Petron tracker is the $220 price tag. But while this is expensive, once you take into account the lack of subscription fees, you can save in the long run.

PETFON Pet GPS Tracker

A great local tracker that combines the best features of a smartphone tracker with traditional local radio. dumb & quot; trackers.

Garmin T5 Mini GPS collar on a pink background


  • Standalone device, no need of internet or phone
  • 4 miles range
  • There are no subscription fees
  • LED lights
  • Water resistant up to 10 meters


  • Requires Garmin Tracker Module, Price Goes Up
  • It’s not a smart device
  • Only for small dogs

The Garmin T5 Mini Is a copy of the company’s popularity T5 Standard Collar. The T5 Mini is built for smaller dogs with a slightly smaller price tag of $249. The T5 is bigger and has better battery life and range, but it’s $299. What you get will mostly depend on the size of your dog.

The tracking range is up to four miles for the T5 Mini. The standard T5 offers up to 9 miles, which makes sense since large dogs can travel longer distances in less time than small dogs. The collars also feature visible lights at 100 yards, and are durable and water-resistant to 10 metres.

These Garmin trackers are intended for outdoor sports or work that involves dogs. They are local trackers and do not have a cellular connection. Instead, the collar is attached to a console that the dog handler holds. The receiver is a separate purchase, so keep in mind the price is here Just to track down.

Speaking of, there are many receivers that you can use, but none of them are cheap. The Garmin Alpha 10, which can track up to 20 T5 or TT15 dog collars and costs $400. The Alpha 200i It comes at a whopping $750.

But remember that these are for the serious multi-dog tracking world in harsh conditions, so the price will be higher than the average GPS tracker. If you use dogs for any serious purpose, the investment in a Garmin system is well worth it.

Garmin T5 Mini GPS Collar

The T5 Mini is the gold standard for professional tracking of multiple dogs up to four miles. No subscription, no smartphone. You will have to invest in a tracking unit and the big dogs should get the standard T5.

Cube GPS Tracker on a blue and purple background


  • Not too expensive by itself
  • Battery life is between 10 and 60 days
  • geofence alerts


  • Collar clips are an additional purchase
  • Subscription is more expensive than most

The Real-time cube tracker It is a built-in unit with a SIM card and a subscription that ranges from $17 to $20 depending on your commitment. This is a generic tracker not designed specifically for pets, but it is part of the use cases Cube has in mind.

This is one of the best alternatives to long range trackers that do not use GPS, such as tiles or Apple AirTags. The Cube’s battery can last anywhere from 10 to 60 days, depending on which features you activate.

The tracker is packed full of GPS, cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It can use all fours for precise positioning, but of course, this will give you the least battery life. Depending on your needs, you can keep some on and some off to extend battery life.

The Cube is very inexpensive, but you will have to purchase a third-party collar mounting solution or purchase OEM clips from Cubewhich costs $25.

If you are primarily concerned about your pet getting stolen or escaping, rather than being tracked in real time during activities or walks, the Cube is a great option.

Real-time cube tracker

Real-Time tracker is a general purpose tracker ideal for recovering a lost or stolen pet, with exceptional battery life and a wide range of radio technologies.

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