Why did the judge rule against Amber Portwood in the custody case


The judge ruled against Amber Portwood, granting sole custody of her ex-husband, Andrew Glennon.

A judge read “Teen Mom OG” star Amber Portwood’s “Tell Everyone” book when delivering their verdict at the custody hearing, according to court documents he cited. the sun.

Portwood opened up about her five mental illnesses in her book, So Are You Crazy, Too? The memos were released in February, months before a judge decided that Portwood’s ex-boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, would have sole custody of James.

According to documents cited by The Sun newspaper, the judge said:

Portwood discusses her “important history of substance abuse, her history of domestic violence, her volatile attitude and tendency to aggression, her extensive mental health problems, and her belief that the inpatient facility she attended for anger management should have been instead for substance abuse.”

“She fears that she will not have time to raise her sons overnight with her son, that she will find herself taking away her son’s interest more than she would like, and the thought of getting out of probation soon worries her because she will be neither watched nor censored.

“The mother was often emotional during check-in and had to leave the room on several occasions.”

The judge also considered how Portwood would represent herself in court. “The mother showed difficulty regulating her emotions at various points during her testimony,” the judge said, according to The Sun.

Portwood was diagnosed with mental illnesses, including initial diagnoses of bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder.

Portwood pleaded guilty to two criminal charges

Portwood and her ex-boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, have fought for custody of their son, 4-year-old James, for three years.

The couple separated in 2019 after an incident in which police said Portwood attacked Glennon with a machete while he was holding James. Although Portwood denies Machete’s allegations, she has pleaded guilty Two felony charges From domestic batteries and intimidation.

She avoided imprisonment, and was instead sentenced to three years of probation. After paying a fine of more than $1,000, suing domestic violence, and submitting dozens of negative drug tests, Portwood was released from probation, the sun Wrote.

However, her good behavior on probation did not help the “Little Mom” ​​star in retaining custody of her youngest son. The decision meant that Glennon could move from Indiana to California.

Portwood is also the mother of 13-year-old Leah, who she shares with her high school boyfriend, Gary Shirley.

Portwood criticized the judge’s decision

Portwood released several statements online after a judge decided that Glennon would be given sole custody of James.

“I have worked hard to improve myself and improve my relationships with my children,” Portwood Books on instagram. “Although I have always been vocal about substance abuse and mental health issues, the person should get a chance to make up for themselves and not be limited by their problems from the past.”

“People who underwent treatment, took lessons, and made efforts to change over past mistakes should not continue to be punished,” she continued. “I’ve spent years rebuilding bridges and have done everything that was required of me, including completing 21 negative drug tests and multiple psychiatric assessments.”

Portwood added that her daughter was “sad” about the ruling.

Portwood is scheduled to appear in “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.” The new show does not have a release date yet.


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