An interview with Vampire Cast on how the series differs from the movie

Yes, we always want screen mods to honor source material, especially when that source material is an icon Anne Rice a novel. But one of the most exciting things about seeing a story like this come on screen so many times is that it gives artists the opportunity to bring their unique voices to it. This is what we can expect from the team behind the future Interview with the vampire More than one series at AMC.

Based on Rice’s 1976 novel, Stars of the Show Jacob Anderson And the Sam Reed as such Louis de Pointe du Lac and Lestat de Lioncourt, the roles he played Brad Pitt And the Tom Cruise In the 1994 movie. As the series’ official synopsis explains, Lewis struggles with the limitations of life as a black man in 20th century New Orleans, so Lestat’s show is tempted with the ultimate escape – becoming a vampire. Louis accepts, but his new powers provoke violence as well as great responsibility in the form of child vampire Claudia (Billy Bass).

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with the Interview with the vampire The series is heading towards its October 2 debut on AMC with the first two episodes of the series available on AMC+ on the same night, Anderson, Reid, Bass and… Eric Bogosian Who gets involved as journalist Daniel Molloy all visited the Collider Interview Studio at San Diego Comic-Con to discuss their experience working on the show and how it differs from previous versions of the story.

Anderson began by highlighting how Lewis had a greater desire to be back in Lestat at the beginning:

“I love how hurt Lewis is in the book. I love that he grieves about being in the past, and so does our Lewis. But I’d say Lewis has more hits for him. I think he’s more inclined to go to Lestat. At first, it’s a little less thoughtful, but we get there. We got there, but I’d say he got a little bit more bite.”

Bass then jumped in to discuss the additional relationship element that she’ll explore while playing Claudia:

“We go deeper into how much Claudia desires love, not only from Louis and Lestat, but also from other people, to find her mate the way Lewis and Lestat treat each other. She wants it so we go deeper into that.”

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As for Reid, he revealed that his film Lestat will include the character traits that appeared in later novels in Rice’s novel. Vampire Chronicles series:

“For our version of Lestat, what we have to do is go to the later books that the movie didn’t necessarily get a chance to do, and we take the second version that Anne kind of followed and inserted into our story. So he’s a more complex character and you’ll learn more about his background. Not much Because he keeps his cards to himself, but I think you understand him a little more.”

Bogosian opts for a more personal approach when explaining what makes this version of Daniel stand out from previous iterations of the character – and also from all the other previous characters he’s played for that matter:

“Daniel and I, we’re on the same arc. I’m in the same place in my life as Daniel. I’ve been through ups and downs, and now I’m a crook because I’ve become this older character in my real life and she kind of looks like who he is. And for me, that’s actually challenging I’ve played some pretty extensive characters in my day and now I’m playing a guy who’s kind of driving along the next track away from me which is interesting.”

Want to hear more actors Interview with the vampire Series? You can check out the full SDCC 2022 interview in the video at the top of this article!

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