‘Hurt’ Teen Mom Star Releases Her Statement After Loss


Mums: Young and Pregnant” star Madisen Beith is clear after she quarrels with her father, Nick Beith, on the August 2 episode of the MTV series.

“Little Mom: Young and Pregnant” star Madison Beth cleared the air after she quarreled with her father, Nick Beth, on the August 2 episode of the MTV series. Beth had a miscarriage and was upset when her father wanted to talk to her about birth control.

19-year-old Beth wrote via Instagram, as captured Teen Mom’s Shadow Room. “All I wanted was a hug and maybe ‘it’ll be alright’ before he was my dad. + This was like the first caravan I had with him after a miscarriage.”

“He showed me he wasn’t there for me, and that’s why I left,” she continued. “Obviously, I knew it was for the best. But you don’t tell anyone about it. Especially after only days. He is very insensitive.”

Beth said her reaction was “immature.”

Nick Beth wondered how his daughter would avoid pregnancy in the future. The. The “Young & Pregnant” star wasn’t interested in talking about sex, saying that she and her boyfriend – Christian Wilson – used the “withdrawal method” for five years and it “only” led to two pregnancies. She claimed that condoms weren’t 100% effective either.

Beth addressed this clip on Instagram, admitting that she didn’t get the best response.

“Yeah also, I wasn’t mature during the sexual conversation,” I wrote. “I just had a miscarriage. I wasn’t interested in talking to them about it all. Especially when I felt like I didn’t have support from them on the other side. I was hurt and my hormones were out of control. You live and learn.”

When Beth’s father met her after the miscarriage, he said that it would be bad if she became pregnant again.

“I think it would be stupid to get pregnant again,” he said on the August 2 episode of Little Mom: Young and Pregnant. “And the most stupid thing to do is not try to do everything in your power to prevent this from happening.”

Beth tells her father that it is not his place to tell her what to do.

“If we’re actively trying to have a baby, you can put your cents into it,” she said. “You just had a miscarriage, Dad, and then you want to tell me about it. Just think about it.”

Beth was taken to the hospital

MTV cameras showed Beth taken to the hospital.

“I don’t know if I miscarried,” she said at the time, “but I’m afraid of it.”

Beth and Wilson are still working on their relationship.

She said, “He’s trying and I’m trying.” Culture Pop Art. “I don’t want to give up before I try. I know I’ve tried so many times, but I don’t want to give up before we give it a chance.”

Beth wants viewers to know that everything she does is for their daughter Camille.

“No matter what happened — what I said, what I did — no matter if my mental health was hitting my ass and I’m b***** all the time, all I do is for Camille and always for Camille,” she tells Pop Culture. “If you’re ever immature… you’ve turned 18.”


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