Westlife’s Mark Feihely praised Blois as “a huge part of their story” on his 70th birthday

Speaking on ITV’s This Morning on Friday, the band wished the music director a happy birthday and remembered the impact he had on the band as they prepared for their concert at the London venue on Saturday as part of their Wild Dreams tour.

“The way Lewis kind of uprooted us and put us in the music industry and put us on the map, this party, this weekend, for me, Lewis is a big part of our story,” Philly said.

“Between him and us here, we’re thinking about getting back to the band that started in high school.

“It is a very important event in our career.”

Feehily along with Shane Phelan, Nikki Byrne, Keanne Egan, and Brian McFadden found fame with Westlife but disbanded in 2012 after 14 years of success.

The band reunited in 2018 but without McFadden who left the band in 2004.

Philly admitted that securing this gig for the nearly 25 years in their music career “has blown our minds a bit.”

He added: “I think having parties like this at Wembley is something we’ve dreamed of since we were little boys and actually being here now, I think that means a lot to us, almost 25 years in our career. To play at Wembley Stadium. who ran out of money.”

Phelan agreed that the Wembley match was a “tremendous achievement” for the group, saying: “We’ve played stadiums all over the world but Wembley is probably the most famous stadium in the world.

“And I think once you’re on the court you’re in the very elite list of people lucky enough to play it, and obviously I’m thinking of teams like Quinn and people like that.

“It is absolutely incredible and we are very proud of it.

“It’s a huge achievement for us.”

The highly anticipated event will also be broadcast live in cinemas across the UK.

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