Gary Shirley’s IG post after Amber Portwood lost custody


“Teen Mom OG” alum Gary Shirley shared his first social media post since his ex-girlfriend, Amber Portwood, lost custody of her youngest child, 4-year-old James/

Alum Gary Shirley on “Teen Mom OG” shared his first social media post since his ex-girlfriend, Amber Portwood, lost custody of her youngest child, 4-year-old James, which she shares with her ex-fiancé, Andrew Glennon.

Portwood and Shirley have their child together, 13-year-old Leah.

Shirley did not respond to the court’s decision, as Judge Glennon granted sole legal custody of James. This means that Glennon is allowed to move to California with James, away from his native Indiana in Portwood where Leah and Shirley reside.

Shirley defended Portwood in the custody hearing, telling the judge that Portwood had become a better mother. “I notice more positive things. In fact, I’m very proud of her. It’s a huge responsibility for her,” he said in court, according to him. the sun.

The MTV star didn’t speak up this time.

Instead, Shirley posted about his home on his Pendleton, Indiana farm, selling produce for $2 a pop. Shirley grew onions, zucchini, yellow squash, and eggplant himself, but he used tomatoes.

“We run our own kids. (Tomatoes you didn’t grow for me). But this is the most expensive I have ever bought,” he wrote on Instagram on August 4. “I may not make money from it, do at the price paid.”

“But I would enjoy letting people have some quality tomatoes,” Shirley continued. “Worst case I could get these suckers haha. I don’t care. But if you wait to come through. The next couple of days is the time for these perfect things. @kristina_shirley3.”

The next day, Shirley shared a photo of some of the peppers he had harvested.

“I picked it fresh and now my eyes are on fire. (Pepper) 😖 However, going to the stand with some fresh stuff,” he wrote. “I love big jalapeños and banana peppers, well I love everything tbh. What are you going to do with those? For me, I see some slices of cream cheese stuffed bacon wrapped in a #little jalapeño!”

Portwood was destroyed by court ruling

Portwood was disappointed with the judge’s decision, saying she was “sad” and “shattered” in an official statement.

“I have worked hard to improve myself and improve my relationships with my children,” Portwood Wrote On July 28th. “While I’ve always been vocal about substance abuse and mental health issues, the person should get a chance to redeem themselves and not be constrained by their problems from the past.”

“People who underwent treatment, took lessons, and made efforts to change over past mistakes should not continue to be punished,” she continued. “I’ve spent years rebuilding bridges and have done everything that was required of me, including completing 21 negative drug tests and multiple psychiatric assessments.”

Glennon and Portwood have been fighting for custody of James for three years. They separated in 2019 after police said Portwood was using a machete while Glennon was holding James, who was at the time. Portwood continues to deny the allegations, even though she has pleaded guilty Two felony charges From domestic batteries and intimidation.

I got out of probation in April 2022, the sun Wrote.

Why did the judge rule against Portwood?

according to the sunwhich cited court documents, a judge granted sole custody of Glennon after Portwood canceled her visits with James and because of what she revealed in her memoirs, “So, you’re crazy too?”

“Her fear that she will never take the time to raise her son overnight, and find herself taking away her son’s interest more than she wants, and the idea of ​​getting out of probation soon interests her because she will not be watched and unattended,” the judge added in their ruling, according to The Sun.

Portwood said she has five mental illnesses, with an initial diagnosis of bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder.


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