Kevin Harvick passes Kurt Bosch in the Historic List


Kevin Harvick (right) will pass Kurt Busch at the start menu.

Team 23XI Racing’s Kurt Busch will miss his third race in a row in the Cup series as he continues to focus on recovering from the concussion-like symptoms he suffered in a crash during qualifying at Pocono Raceway. T Gibbs will take his place in the #45 Toyota Camry while Kevin Harvick broke the tie on a historic roster.

Busch and Harvick enter the restricted race weekend for 11th place on the starting list ever. All of them have fit 776 Cup Series races, eight races short of Michael Waltrip. Harvick will begin his 777th launch of the Michigan International Expressway on August 7, bringing it closer to the Waltrip sign.

Bosch actually started the season with two more career starts than his fellow champion. He entered the season with 756 while Harvick had 754. The Stewart-Haas Racing driver moved into a tie with Busch after races at Pocono Raceway and Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Now he will take 11th place on the leaderboard.

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Some things remain more important to Bush

Having more career starts offers some unique bragging rights, but this statistic is less important in the end. What really matters is that Busch takes time to focus on his health and get back to his full strength instead of trying to rush out.

Bush recently began to show his recovery. Explained in a video That his eyesight and hearing were still not 100% and that his doctors wanted him to go somewhere noisy that didn’t require physical activity. The solution was to attend the Charlotte team game.

Bosch also spent time at the Toyota Performance Center. The manufacturer has built a huge facility with the best equipment to help drivers practice their time behind the wheel. They build their bodies while also working on reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

Both drivers must pass Waltrip in 2022

700 starts

GT(LR) Kurt Busch, Ryan Newman, and Kevin Harvick all have over 700 career starts.

While Busch is out for another week, he should be able to come back in the coming weeks. He will be seeking a place in the fourth championship as he and Harvick come close to a breakthrough.

Drivers must finish the season within reach of an 800 start. Harvick will be at 790 starting by the end of the season while Busch’s number will depend on when he returns to the 45th Toyota Camry TRD. If he returns in time for the August 14 trip to Richmond Raceway, he will finish the season with a start of 789.

Bush, Harvick and Trip must pass before the end of the season, which will put them on their way to join the elite group. There are only nine drivers that have participated in the 800 Cup Series. Jeff Gordon is ninth with a score of 805, while Daryl Waltrip is in eighth place with a score of 809.

Historic list includes Bill Elliott (828), Kyle Petty (829), Mark Martin (882), Dave Marcis (883), Terry LaPont (890), and Ricky Rudd (906). The King, Richard Petty, has the unbeatable mark of a career cup series that began in 1184.

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