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Award-Winning Iranian Actor Shehab Hosseini Clicked to highlight it distant mountainsThe second feature film by British-Iranian director Mitra Tabrisian to me diverse. distant mountains Described as an “accurate tale of coming of age with an allegorical scene”, it would be a second collaboration between Hosseini and Tabrizian, in which he also starred in her first feature film. child.

Hosseini is perhaps best known to the public for his work alongside the Oscar-winning director Asghar FarhadiEspecially his starring role in 2016 the seller. There, Hosseini played Imad, an actor who lives and works in Tehran, where he starred in an Arthur Miller production. salesman death with his wife, RanaTaraneh Ali Dousti).

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Tensions in the theater begin to escalate when Rana is assaulted in the apartment where she and Emad live temporarily, and Emad – in a wonderful performance from Hosseini – is increasingly driven to find the person responsible and have them face some kind of consequence.

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For her part, Tabrizian started shooting and short film before shooting her first feature film child Released in 2017. The film uses a mixture of English and Persian to tell the story of Gholam (Hosseini), “the story of an Iranian taxi driver in London caught between two worlds who transition almost relentlessly from watch-based drama to semi-scary thriller.” The film was released theatrically in the United Kingdom and is available to broadcast internationally.

distant mountains To be presented at Match Me in Locarno! By Zadoc Nava of Stray Dog Films, who also produced childmaking this a familiar affair with the Tabrizis.

There is currently no word on production time distant mountains It is set to start. For now, you can check out the trailer for childHosseini starring below:

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