Stranger Things Season 4 TikTok Compares Characters To Classic Vines

A fan’s TikTok creates a cast of Stranger Things Season 4 characters portrayed as the hilariously classic Vines.

One fan created a funny TikTok video comparing Weird things Season 4 Characters to Classic Vines. Weird things The fourth season premiered on Netflix on May 27, 2022. After a hiatus of almost three years after the third season, the fourth season certainly attracted a large audience. Meanwhile, pandemic delays have given the Duffer Brothers an opportunity to rethink Season 4, make it bigger and give it a longer run time than any other season. The season introduced several new characters, including fan favorite Eddie (Joseph Quinn) and the new scary villain, Vicna (Jimmy Campbell Power).

Weird things Season 4 leaned more into the horror genre and was much darker than previous seasons. Most of this was due to the gruesome Vecna ​​curse that took the lives of many Hawkins residents, as well as a deep dive into Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown)’s turbulent past and what happens when Dr. Brenner’s (Matthew Modine) experiments fail. However, despite the heavy content, viewers still always find a lot of funny and relevant things. Weird things Storylines to grab it. For example, Steve Harrington (Joe Kerry) is the babysitter and “mother” of the group or Mike Wheeler’s (Finn Wolfhard) parents’ painfully awkward relationship.

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Now, one fan, Nolanbar 1is the compilation of all the funniest or most embarrassing facts in Weird things Compare it to the classic Vine movies. The TikTok video sees Hopper (David Harbor’s) questionable paternity, Eleven and Mike’s relationship, Mike’s parents’ relationship, and Vecna’s sarcastic look all expressed as classic Vines. The result was funny, strangely enough, she is ready to represent the different aspects of Weird things. Also, of course, another remix of the song “Chrissy Wake Up” serves as the opening for the video. Click on the link below to watch the video:

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Mike and Eleven skate together while Will watches.

As commentators on TikTok have noted, the video was humorously accurate. It’s also very unique in that it brought Vine back into the mix, despite the service being discontinued in 2019. Many see TikTok as the successor to Vine, but this fan has found a unique way to combine the past and present in a funny new style on the internet. Weird things. What’s so special about the video is that it wasn’t necessarily a joke Weird things. It was really the benefit of how much viewers know about each character and their story arcs, that they could instantly associate a few seconds of the classic Vine with the correct character and see exactly what the creator was getting into.

In the end, it’s also interesting to see viewers find unique ways to enjoy the shows they enjoy. Whether it’s sorting the show’s characters into the Hogwarts houses, determining each character’s tower, or finding each character’s classic Vine, they find ways to have fun with the characters beyond the show’s confines. In many ways, talking about popularity Weird things Fans can invest a lot in the characters and can re-imagine them through different mediums. during the show Weird things Characters like classic Vines are oddly funny and accurate, and they’re also a powerful reminder of how important the show’s characters are to audiences, so much so that they can clearly see them represented in Vine.

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