What is the story of Marvel Comics?

Marvel has plenty of upcoming projects for fans to look forward to in the coming years, but there’s arguably nothing quite as predictable as the upcoming Disney+ series. secret invasion.

Based on the popular comedy of the same name, the series will plunge into a world of lies and intrigue as Skrull’s vast plot is revealed. The storyboard was an eight-part limited series but had repercussions for other comics and characters in the larger MCU.

In the comics, the Illuminati consisting of Iron Man, Mister Fantastic, Namor, Professor X, Black Bolt and Doctor Strange attack Skrull Empire, confronting them about their previous attempt to conquer Earth and warn that any future attempts to conquer Earth will come at a moment of great cost. However, Skrull Princess Veranke decides to let go of her warning and decide to sneak up on Earth by pretending to be several high-ranking players, with Veranke herself pretending to be Spider-Woman (with Jessica Drew/actual Spider-Woman being taken into custody). And so began the game of chess, in which the Skrulls changed shape like anyone they wanted to be, and the Avengers had to deal with the idea that anyone they trusted could be secretly bent on Skrull to conquer Earth. Surprises included Illuminati member Black Bolt being Skrull who did not escape the Skrull Empire with the rest of the Illuminati, revealed by Elektra Natchios as Skrull posthumously.

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The magic of Secret Invasion’s story was that it played the role of a scammer, in which the readers and the protagonists themselves were unsure who they could trust. This eventually culminates in a massive battle of heroes led by Nick Fury in The Raft which is a Supermax prison for super villains who are all set free by the Skrulls. With SHIELD successfully hacked, the organization was closed down by POTUS. Since SHIELD has already had a low profile in MCU content lately, this is something we could see happen in the broadcast show.

The Disney+ series will likely differ significantly from the comics in terms of story and scope. For starters, characters like Spider-Woman haven’t been introduced to the MCU (although there is Sony Olivia Wilde movie on the horizon) and it seems that the probability of introducing the character in the series is slim. There is also no indication that the series will be a star-studded story with familiar Marvel heroes making cameos or being part of the Skrull movement. As of now Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), talos (Ben Mendelsohn(Maria Hill)Kobe Smulderswar machine (Don Cheadle) and Everett K. Ross (Martin FreemanThey all return but apart from War Machine, none of them from the superheroes and even the War Machine played Tony’s second fiddle.Robert Downey Jr.) on most of his MCU outings.

Captain Marvel I also ditched the comedic idea that all the Skrulls are evil, with Talos being a good guy and the Kree being the film’s malicious oppressors. In addition to, Spider-Man: Far From Home He revealed that Talos was acting as Nick Fury on Earth on Fury’s orders, so he’s unlikely to go to the dark side of the series. From what little we know about the series, it looks like the show will lean heavily into the spy genre with Fury uprooting double-agent Skrulls pretending to be human. So the show will basically follow Shield AgentsThe story of Hydra infiltration is more than the story of the superhero comic Secret invasion.

Dupes of Invisible Woman, Iron Man, Jarvis, and Hank Pym were all playing during the mayhem and while the Disney+ series doesn’t seem too big in the scheme of things, it could open the door for an Avengers-level movie somewhere down the line. However, with Kang firmly on board, the Multiverse saga is reaching its climax Avengers: Kang Dynasty and the Avengers: Secret Warswhere the MCU can actively explore the story of the famous secret invasion outside the series remains a mystery.

There are plenty of new additions to the series to get fans excited and have them waiting for the Disney+ series. Kingsley Ben AdairAnd the Carmen EgogoAnd the kilian scottAnd the Christopher McDonald And the Dermot Mulroney They all enter the MCU with unreleased roles. Even though Ben Adair is the main villain, there isn’t much we know about the mysterious MCU show. Two of the actors’ most exciting announcements despite the announcement of Mother of Dragons Emilia Clarke Making her her first MCU appearance on this show, as well as an Academy Award winner Olivia Colman Who will play Fury’s old ally? Her role should pair well with Fury especially since the set photos and Samuel L. Jackson’s own comments suggest that the show will delve into the popular character’s past. Likewise, the series will finally shed some light on Maria Hill, a character who has been around since the first Avengers movie but hasn’t been focused on yet.

In her 2022 comic appearance, Cobie Smulders plays her Male to Buzzfeed: “You can see the dynamic, and you can see the working relationship between Fury and Hill, like, what’s that? What do they do when they wait for a clue to arrive, you know? What is a safe house like? How does a water cooler speak? So it’s an opportunity to showcase that. And I think for her in particular, she’s been keeping the fort ever since [Fury] He’s gone, and she’s taken a lot of things on her head.”

A series that finally explores the Fury-Hill duo is a great idea, considering how it has been a mainstay in the MCU from the start. However, there are few indications as to where the series will leave the MCU and whether the show will be a stand-alone six-part miniseries that finally puts Skrull’s story to rest, or sets the stage for further exploration in future seasons or upcoming films.

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