What TheGamer Crew Plays This Weekend Featuring Two Point Campus And Multiversus

Well, it’s the first weekend of August, which means most college students have less than a month left before they head back to college. But this week’s big release, Two Point Campus, offers the thrill of a quartet right now, for college age and college age at heart. Considering that the management chip with higher features is on Xbox Game Pass, it is much cheaper than the real one.

Two Point Campus features some TheGamer team members taking a trip down memory lane, while others stay away from their campuses with MultiVersus, Judgment, Into the Breach, and God of War 3 Remastered.

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Andrew King, Features Editor

I’m going back to my home state of Michigan this weekend for my niece’s first birthday. So, when I’m not eating cake and pinch the kids’ cheeks, I’ll play some portable stuff. That means Into the Breach on my phone, OlliOlli World on Switch, and (I really mean it this time) a few solid hours at Triangle Strategy.

Justin Reeve, News Editor

As an archaeologist by trade and training, I’ve spent the greater part of the past few decades on college campuses, meaning whenever I had a little spare time I’d think I’d like to spend it almost anywhere else. Well, you would be wrong. This weekend, I’m going to dive into the Two Point campus. I’ve never been interested in management games, but I really liked the previous entry in the franchise, Two Point Hospital. Something about the silliness of it all really sold the experience to me. Having cast only the fastest look, I’m not quite ready to confirm, but I can say Two Point Campus will click with me. Anyway, I’m looking forward to walking around the squares after recreating my university, the University of Chicago. class time.

James Troughton, News/Photo Editor

I’ve started using these weekly columns to document my journey through the Yakuza series. When I started 0 again after a long hiatus thanks to its return to Xbox Game Pass, I wasn’t expecting to play game after game, week after week, but I can’t let go. Now, I’m on the level of Judgment, the private investigator who sees you reveal the serial killer who suffers from Kamurocho. It’s my favorite so far, limited to 0, featuring a lead stud and an intriguing mystery that stays strong through every turn. Let’s just hope the landing is suspended.

Jade King, Lead Features Editor

I’m still browsing through some games that I can’t talk about because I’m a great games journalist – but apart from that, I’ve been diving into some old titles along with all the cool modern stuff. Instead of a reboot before Ragnarok, I jumped into God of War 3 Remastered and was impressed with its great visuals and massive amounts of splitting. This series was completely different, but still very interesting. Besides I’ve been diving deeper into Xenoblade Chronicles 3 as I clear side quests and start making an impact at the end of the game. It’s all really tough bosses and side quests for this girl, and I’m having a blast.

Stacy Henley, Editor in Chief

I’m a MultiVersus subscriber, baby. It’s become the thing I hate the most – I think I love intellectual property now. I want Warner Bros. to destroy the sanctity of all their films just to briefly entertain me with a fighting game. The Matrix is ​​one of the most profound experiences I’ve ever had watching a movie, so I’m obviously desperate that Neo gets punched in the face with Bugs Bunny. I want Casablanca in MultiVersus. I am searching very hard for WB characters Marilyn Monroe so I can combine Marilyn and Harley Quinn. I might even buy a MultiVersus pin.

Amanda Herrich, Evergreen Content Leader

Seriously, there is just something going on in PowerWash Simulator. Yes, I could spend this week’s entry here glorifying how satisfying the game is resident Feel more than 80 hours indoors. But Holy Heikin, the plot has grown thicker. Apparently, it’s not just the mayor’s missing cat. everybody The cats in Muckingham are missing. The mayor is supposed to be collaborating with this eccentric billionaire who not only owns a massive drill for dubious tunneling purposes, but also owns a jet plane. with attached laser. Oh, and the statues still follow me. While I was washing the mayor’s yacht, at least five were staring at me from behind some trees. I’m just a simple PowerWasher! What do they want from me?!

Rhiannon Bevan, Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Feeling a little sorry for that, I recently dug out my PS4 to browse through some of the old games I left behind when I got my Xbox Series S. And damn, it’s hard to believe Mass Effect Legendary Edition came out in the last generation. Playing Mass Effect 2 at a silky smooth 60fps is so much fun, that I’m just getting through it nonstop and really getting close to the suicide mission. I managed to forget all the right choices, so wish me (and my unfortunate crew) the best of luck!

Harry Alston, Lead Professional Writer

It’s time to go back to Sea of ​​Thieves with my little brother. It’s been tough now that I’m out of school and he’s almost 100% better than me or ever will be. I thought horrifying when I watched him cut a crew of four all on his own. What did you make? Who is this sea demonic child? SoT is a great game and I can’t wait to spend a rainy Sunday playing tunes on the waves.

Helen Ashcroft, Editor of Evergreen

I just finished my Two Point Campus review which usually means I just want to get some rest. However, despite playing for over a week in a row, along with a couple of other titles, I’m still eager to play more. I have knights to train, wizards to control, and clowns to laugh at. There are also plenty of campuses in Sandbox that connect with me. It should keep me busy for a while.

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