Why Welcome to Plathville Fans Behind Kim Plath

Kim Plath is far from a fan favorite, but Welcome to Plathville viewers agree that she deserves to be at the cemetery in memory of her late son.

usually, Welcome to Plathville Viewers do not find themselves in Team Kim Plath. Her narcissistic and hypocritical behavior has alienated many fans. Now in a recent turn of events, the reality star is gaining sympathy and understanding.

In a tragic and heartbreaking accident, Kim and Barry Plath lost their 17-month-old son, Joshua Plath. Recently, Kim shared details of the moment that changed the Plath family forever. The accident occurred in 2008 when Kim was moving fruit trees on his farm. She explained that she had just seen Joshua and thought the path was clear to get her car moving. Little did she know until it was too late that Joshua was in front of the car when she pulled it forward, she accidentally ran over the little boy. The pain she endured from the accident and the ensuing loss never went away. The accident took a psychological and emotional toll on the entire Plath family.

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This year they all gathered at the cemetery to celebrate Joshua’s 15th birthday. What should have been a special day was spoiled by unnecessary drama. The Plath siblings planned to meet at Joshua’s grave in memory of him, but Olivia Plath invited Barry to join them as well. She didn’t want to include Kim because she’s still struggling with how to treat her, and she’s not ready to interact with her. The rest of the Plath family felt it was important not to dismiss Kim and extend an invitation to her as well. Kim said, regardless of whether anyone wanted her there or not, “I will definitely go to the cemetery tomorrow with everyone.” Welcome to Plathville Viewers stood in solidarity with Kim, agreeing that she had every right to be there. reddit user Uncategorized section in Riyadh The thread began to write, “I’m not a huge fan of her, but I fully support Kim in this matter.”

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The idea of ​​Kim having bothered Olivia so much that she decided not to attend the cemetery with her husband, Ethan Plath, and the rest of the family. The day that was supposed to be a time to get together as a family was instead a moment focused more on stress and division. Reddit user unregistered comment on the topic, “Yes, Kim is literally the worst and still deserves to visit her deceased son’s grave with her family on his birthday. Olivia can’t do that about her.” many Welcome to Plathville Fans were happy that Kim stood up for her in this case because she deserves to spend time with her family remembering her son.

Kim has had her fair share of moments that have made her despised and hated by fans, but in this circumstance, it all doesn’t matter. It is an unimaginable tragedy that has resonated with viewers. Reddit user Dark Queen 827744 They expressed their thoughts on writing the thread, “I’m going to Kim’s side in this too, it’s her son! She has to live with the accident forever and never get help from him. They need to lighten this up.”

At the end of the day, Kim Hee is a mother who has experienced an unspeakable loss, and the guilt and unbearable pain she feels every day is immeasurable. Being isolated from her family seemed unnecessarily cruel and selfish on a day that would have been hard enough. Welcome to Plathville Fans are appalled by Olivia’s immature behavior and lack of empathy for the situation and Kim’s feelings.

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