Christian Wood Mavericks speaks for the first time in public


Christian Wood, formerly of The Rockets

The Dallas Mavericks went to Plan B right after they learned that Galen Bronson would not be returning. Although Bronson signed his contract two weeks after the Mavs acquired Christian Wood on June 15, there is was grumbling It was an open secret in league circles that Bronson would sign with the New York Knicks.

It’s been almost two months since the Dallas Mavericks Make a deal to acquire it Christian Wood is from Houston, but Wood finally spoke.

Wood visited the Hope Academy MAV’s camp in Plano and surprised the kids who were there. After that, he I spoke to the media About the kids and his intentions with the Mavs next season.

“I was once that little kid who was looking for NBA players and hoping he would sign my shoes or wish I could meet him in person,” Wood says. “With kids, I can be myself and I can be a kid myself. So it’s fun.”

Most of the questions were about camp basketball, but he spoke briefly about his role with the Mavericks.

“It’s a great opportunity for me and this organization to try to take the next step,” he said. “I just want to win matches. My main goal is to try to reach the finals.”

Christian Wood hopes to take the Mavericks to the next level

Mavs stunned a lot of people by reaching the conference finals. People knew Luka Doncic was good, but they didn’t realize he was good enough to take down the defending champion, the Phoenix Suns, and play deep in May.

Adding Wood Mavericks gives a big guy who can do more than set picks and finish off the edge. A shooter with 38% circumference, his ability to shoot all three will make opponents think twice before doubling Doncic.

JaVale McGee is Expected to start in the center As for the Mavs, so you don’t have to worry about being the only company protecting the edge next season. Returning Dwight Powell to the backup role seems more beneficial because Powell is probably best used in some matches.

Insiders believe the Christian timber trade is the most influential

ESPN recently held a roundtable of insiders and He asked them many questions About how the offseason went for multiple teams. On the topic of the underestimated moves teams have taken that will have the most impact, Eun Youngmisuk believes Dallas will be that team.

Christian Wood fills in all the things Dallas was missing out on in the post-season – a huge guy who could spread the floor and score – if he’s in the right state of mind. He should be able to give Luka Doncic the much-needed help, and JaVale McGee will provide them with some much-needed protection.

Mavs fans know all too well that this all sounds great on paper, but some may be hesitant after Kristaps Porzingis’s tenure in Dallas is over. Porzingis was considered one of the big rising stars after setting impressive numbers in New York, but after arriving at the Mavs, he failed to impress the ground much. It didn’t help that it was clear that Borsingis and Doncic’s chemistry was never on the same page.


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