DayZ: How to make a splint and treat a broken leg

learning How to make a splint in DayZ It could make this brutal game a little more bearable. Unfortunately, breaking a bone can lead to a quick death if you don’t have a way to adjust it (especially if you don’t have a friend). So here’s how to heal your leg and get your speed of movement back to normal.

How to make a splint and treat a broken bone in DayZ

DayZ Splint . Recipe

To make a splint on DayZ, you need to use one of the following recipes:

  • 1 bandage + 2 short sticks
  • 4 pieces + 2 short sticks

Any of these recipes will result in one cast. However, note that the dressing must be completely unused for the recipe to work.

You can get rags with a blade weapon on a piece of clothing, which is abundant in all available maps. Short sticks are hard to find, but just make your way to a bush or small tree to harvest one. However, you will need to take care. You can suffer bleeding damage if you try to do this without gloves.

When you break your leg, you will immediately fall to the ground and stuck in a prone position. If you try to stand and walk at this point, you will begin to suffer traumatic damage and will pass out in a few steps. So, your best bet at this point is to stay in the prone position and put on a cast.

Once you have the cast, you can put it on your broken leg. After the bone is stabilized, you can walk slowly and climb small obstacles. However, you won’t be able to run or jump until your leg has healed.

To begin fracture healing, you must be in optimal health, have maximum blood flow, and have plenty of energy and hydration. Once these conditions are met, the bone will take about an hour to heal. However, applying a splint cuts that time in half to about 30 minutes.

The upside to this is that if you have a broken leg, you cannot have another (except for one). So, at least you can’t accidentally break both legs. The exception to this is falling into a bear trap. If this happens, you may end up with two fractures.

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