Big Brother: Taylor Hill Reveals New Crush


Big Brother 24: Taylor reveals a new crush

No ‘Big Brother’ season would be complete without at least one game-changing show.

House guests Kyle Cabiner and Alyssa Snyder became the first show of the season and coined the couple’s name “Kelissa.”

For a while it seemed like Kylyssa might be the only show in the house, but earlier this week, a house guest revealed a new like that got fans excited.

Here’s what you need to know.

Taylor has a crush

On August 7, a fan account of “Big Brother” Share a clip from the 24-hour live stream on Twitterin which Taylor Hill confesses to crushing co-star Joseph Abedin.

In the clip, Taylor told Brittany Hobbs, “Tell me to stop liking.”

To whom? Joseph? Brittany replied.

Taylor then confirmed that Joseph is the guest that she’s currently crushing on.

The two have become more and more unusual in recent days.

in another place Live feed clip Posted by a “Big Brother” fan account, Joseph Jasmine Davis and Andy Santos told that Taylor looks like the girl he used to date.

Michael and Brittany Talk Taylor and Joseph

It didn’t take long for news of Taylor’s crush to start spreading throughout the house.

in clip Posted by a “Big Brother” fan account, Brittany Festie Bestie Michael Bruner told her about Taylor’s crush.

“[Taylor’s] Crush Joseph now,” Brittany told Michael.

He replied, “I knew that.” “They started sleeping next to each other… and Taylor was like, ‘I miss flirting,’ and Joseph was like, ‘Oh, you can flirt with me.’ “

“I think it could happen,” Michael told Brittany.

Fans react to potential Taylor and Joseph Schumans

“Big Brother” fans have responded to the possibility of Joseph and Taylor appearing on Twitter.

Some fans were excited about a possible new romance.

“I can definitely see the two together!! [Come on] Joseph, what are you waiting for? “ single tweet.

“I’m all about it,” Another fan wrote.

They will be the only show [I would] boat,” A third Twitter user tweeted.

Other fans were not impressed and worried about how the show might affect Taylor’s match.

“I wonder about this.. I want her to stay focused on the match.. Watch out after the win, sister,” One Twitter user wrote.

“I want her to focus on the game. If you want to see where this relationship can go after the show ends, great! Just stay in the game and get Ty’s bag! But Ray Charles can see that they love each other.” Another user wrote.

How to watch the live broadcast

Live feed is available at Paramount Plus. Fans can access the feeds by subscribing to a Paramount Plus subscription.

The streaming service offers two subscription plans. Users can either pay $4.99 per month or subscribe to a premium subscription plan for $9.99 per month and enjoy ad-free content.

“Big Brother 24” airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS and Paramount Plus.

Stay tuned for more “Big Brother 24” updates.

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