Easter eggs and bullet train references explained

warning! spoilers for Express train.

Express trainDavid Leach’s latest adventure comedy, featuring Easter eggs and references to various films, properties, and actors. It stars Brad Pitt as Ladybug, a veteran mercenary who is initially assigned to another client by his therapist Maria Beetle (Sandra Bullock). His mission: to recover the suitcase. However, this item turned out to be highly desired by various parties, all of whom are well trained like him.

The aforementioned interested parties are represented by a star-studded cast including Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Avengers: Age of Ultron), Brian Tyree Henry (eternity), Joy King (kissing boothand Andrew KojiSnake Eyes: The Origins of GI Joe). With so many assassins working against each other, Ladybug’s mission soon turns into a battle for survival that will test his newfound desire for inner peace. It was initially developed as a gritty thriller, Express train It is a comedic and self-referential style in the action genre, which fits appropriately with the sensibilities of its director.

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David Leach has directed high-octane action films such as atomic blondAnd the Hobbs and Shaw And the Deadpool 2. These projects have made him a notable name in the action genre due to his distinctive directing style, visual flair and often irreverent comedy – Express train Continue in this tradition. Being about action movies, the film includes multiple references to other franchises, as well as Leitch’s own line of works.

celebrity engraving

Ryan Reynolds Brad Pitt Veil Bullet Train

Express train It features many high-profile engravings. For starters, Sandra Bullock played the Ladybug wizard – who’s mostly not heard of until during the film – who appears at the end of the movie to rescue Pete’s character. boys Star Karen Fukuhara appears briefly as a train employee who sells sparkling water to Ladybug in the midst of a fight between him and Tangerine. Channing Tatum appeared as a clueless rider used by Ladybug as a diversion for the Tangerine Killer, played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson. very angry Star Logan Lerman also appears (though mostly a corpse) as the Son of White Death, Express trainThe Big Bad, played by Michael Shannon. Arguably the most surprising veil comes from Ryan Reynolds. The dead list The star makes his presence felt in a two-second appearance as Carver, a killer of questionable morals responsible for the murder of White Death’s wife.

the lost City

The Express Train and the Lost City Make the Unexpected Direction of 2022 Film Brad Pitt Sandra Bullock

the lost City, a 2022 comedy starring Sandra Bullock as writer Loretta Sage and Channing Tatum as model Alan Caprisson, and Pete appeared in a supporting role as Jack Trainer, a tracker who helps rescue Sage from a group of mercenaries. During the mission, Trainer was shot in the head and left to die, but unexpectedly returned in the film’s post-credits scene. the lost CityStinger features Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum in a meditation class. The coach appears behind them and tells them he is trying to solve his anger and resentment issues. When Pitt’s Ladybug is introduced in Express trainHe says he is trying to be a better person, wants to let go of his anger and have a more positive outlook on life, which may be a subtle continuation of the coach’s path toward inner peace. The potential connection between Pete’s two characters is made clearer by their combined skill set (both are trained killers) and by Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock’s engraving in Express train.

Thomas the tank engine

Thomas the tank engine train

Thomas and friends And its star, Thomas the Tank Engine, has a prominent presence in Express train. The series was first introduced by killer Lemon (Brian Tyree Henry), who stated that he learned what he knows about life and people from the animated series. Lemon makes several references to Thomas and friends As the story unfolds, it’s not just a gag. The encyclopedic knowledge of the children’s series killer serves as a guide to Express trainMany twists and turns. At some point, Lemon lists characters Thomas and friendsThe main characters, which, as it is slowly revealed, are related to the characters of the main characters in the film. For example, he uses a diesel engine to accurately identify Prince Joey Kings as a villain, and compares his brother Tangerine (Aaron Taylor Johnson) to Thomas himself after he finds him dead.

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Deadpool 2 unexpected connection

Deadpool 2 Brad Pitt Veil Vanisher

As mentioned, Express train Ryan Reynolds has the distinction of being a ruthless killer named Carver. The actor’s appearance was short, and that was by design, because he was supposed to mirror Brad Pitt’s role in it Deadpool 2. 2018 dead list The sequel features a sequence in which the majority of Wade Wilson’s X-Force teammates are killed while skydiving. One of the victims is Vanisher, an invisible mutant who doesn’t appear on screen until he dies after accidentally landing on power lines. Shock makes it visible for a few seconds, revealing Brad Pitt as the actor behind the elusive mutant. as such Express train Director David Leitch explained to Entertainment WeeklyWhen he was offered the role of Reynolds in the film, the actor agreed on the condition that his appearance be as short as Pete’s role in Deadpool 2.

Percy Jackson

Logan Lerman in the Percy Jackson movies

Logan Lerman rose to prominence playing the titular character in Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief and sequel 2013 Percy Jackson: Sea of ​​Monsters, And it seems Express train It accurately refers to the role of the actor in the mentioned films. In the film, murderous brothers Lemon and Yangerine board the express train alongside White’s son Death (Lerman) to deliver him to his father, after he rescues him from a group of kidnappers. The two killers talk about the young man, and Lemon compares him to Thomas and friends Percy’s character, cute and rags drive. Due to the peculiarity of the reference, this was most likely a reference not only to the animated series, but also to Logan Lerman’s earlier period as Poseidon’s son in a short period. Percy Jackson The franchise, which became a Disney + show.


Barry (Bill Hader) plays video games at HBO's Barry

Express train He may also have shown a nod to HBO’s hit series, Barry. As he explained on several occasions, the beetle is not content with its life. He strives to be less passive and to let go of his anger issues, something he is working towards with the help of his therapist, Barry, whom the killer has talked about many times. Barry has never been shown, but his constant references could be a reference to the title character in Barry. The show focuses on Barry (Bill Hader), an assassin who, while on assignment in Los Angeles, is introduced to the acting world. Fascinated by the arts and tired of his violent job, he tries to build a new life for himself as a musician. Ladybug’s Path to Peace mimics Barry’s journey – both men seek more peaceful and positive environments, yet, through circumstances beyond their control, find themselves unable to break free from their violent careers.

the lucky one

Ladybug Express Train Codename Sandra Bullock

As evidenced by Brad Pitt’s Ladybug codename, luck is a recurring trait in Express train. The first scene of the movie, for example, begins with Yuichi Kimura (Andrew Koji) in a hospital room where TV is showing a show about a lucky cat, an animal who, along with his series, makes his presence felt throughout the movie. The topic has also been brought up most prominently by Ladybug, who frequently refers to his misfortune, and Joey King’s The Prince, who boasts of his good fortune on various occasions. As the film progressed, their positions reversed. The prince appears as he gradually loses control of her master plan, and is constantly being discovered by various Express train the characters and fails in her father’s long-awaited assassination attempt, culminating in her being run over by Lemon. On the other hand, the beetle’s luck gradually improves, manifested in him being injected with a deadly poison but soon being able to find an antidote, surviving a horrific train accident and two subsequent assassination attempts through very specific circumstances (one of which involves being backed by a giant costume), and in The end was saved by his therapist, Maria. Beetle’s luck shines through again at the end when Maria’s car crashes before they leave the crash site, escaping safely once the authorities arrive, allowing Express train to have an encouraging ending.

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