Grizzlies Jackson using Draymond Green ‘Dis’ as fuel


Garen Jackson Jr., the big man of the Memphis Grizzlies, celebrates during a playoff game with the Golden State Warriors.

The NBA Finals series against the Golden State Warriors against the Celtics may be the first thing that comes to mind about the club’s 2021-22 championship run, but make no mistake—the second round against Memphis was a series to remember.

Especially if you’re a member of the Grizzlies, apparently.

Nearly three months after Dubs dropped Ja Morant and Co., To advance to the Western Conference Finals, it seemed that the Beale Street group’s expulsion wounds still run deep. We’ve seen plenty of chatter from Grizzlies players in the press, of course, but now there’s evidence that they’re still talking about it behind the scenes, too.

As revealed in a TikTok post by Grizz Big Man Jaren Jackson Jr, quotes from the outspoken Warriors All Star are used as chalkboard material to this day.

Draymond, quote posted in Grizz Weight Room

Jackson, who averaged 16.3 points, 5.8 rebounds and 2.3 blocks last season, clearly has designs to come back better than ever in 2022-23 after undergoing surgery to repair a stress fracture in June. The former No. 4 player posted a video of him hitting the weights along with the caption, “Hitks are the cost of greatness.”

However, he didn’t just show footage of himself getting his act together. At one point, the clip that was uploaded was cut to a long shot of the board in the Grizzlies weight room, on which a quote from Draymond Green is taped.

It reads: “Memphis will check its reality.”

The quote can be traced back to Green’s recent appearance in a live version of JJ Redick’s podcast, The old man and the threewhere the All-Star team commented four times on the arrogance the Grizzlies displayed despite their strength against the Warriors.

And while Jackson and Grey’s clearly try to turn it into some kind of lightheartedness, Greene’s full quote on the matter is actually much less gruesome.

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Green actually appreciates the position

While appearing on the capsule, Green was asked by Redick’s host, Tommy Alter, if he thought Grizz’s public slapping talk had been won or if the brave freshmen needed to show more respect. The veteran player took the highway with his response.

“Oh no, I love it! I think it’s absolutely incredible. I love them talking,” Green said. “I think that’s cool.”

As he sees it, the Grizzlies simply don’t have the same frame of reference for a perennial title contender as the Warriors. He wasn’t knocking them down at all, just pointing out that they hadn’t gone through what Green and his teammates had faced over the past decade.

He expects to find out soon enough.

“I’ve talked on a podcast before about Memphis being oblivious to the situation like
They’re not serious, and it’s not an insult – it’s actually a compliment. “They’re young and don’t know how important these moments are, so they’re oblivious to it,” Green said.

“These guys, they didn’t bother with anything and a big part of the reason they didn’t bother is because they don’t understand how important the moment is… I think now they are going to check their reality. It’s not that they won’t still be able to win – they might still be able to win – but they will realize How difficult it is…”

Pretty innocent notes from Green but if Grizz wants to use it to get more power for them.

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